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Schaumberg Office Design

Schaumberg OFFICE Design

Key Interiors: The Office Design Specialists in Schaumberg

If you are looking for world-class office design in Schaumberg, then choosing the right partner is critical — because the last thing you want is to face massive schedule delays, extensive cost overruns, an array of compliance issues, and an overall project that fails to meet all required objectives. The good news is that you won’t experience any of the above when you partner with Key Interiors!

Why Businesses in Schaumburg Choose Us

When it comes to office design in Schaumberg, below are some of the core reasons why businesses in the area consider us the most trustworthy, reliable and professional firm in the area:

  • Comprehensive Overview Plan: We invest time to learn about your needs and goals, and build a comprehensive overview plan that includes: project scope, proposed timeline, budgetary constraints (including possible value engineering opportunities), project goals, interior office furniture requirements, interior themes, branding statements, building assessment, mechanical assessment, and future growth feasibility study. Be assured that this is not a “one-size-fits-all” template. Our comprehensive overview plan is uniquely developed for each specific client.
  • Total Office Fitout: This is our uniquely developed system that positions our expert team in between you and the various specialists, trades and contractors who will work on your office design project. This roster may include: project managers, project consultants, MEP engineers, architects, sub-code officers, IT consultants, new and used furniture dealers, general contractors, and interior designers. You do not need to manage multiple relationships, coordinate various agreements, or ensure that work is being done properly, on time and in budget. We are responsive and accountable to you every step of the way, from initial design through to project completion.
  • Extensive Experience: Our extensive experience includes hundreds of high profile office design projects — some of which can be viewed in our Project Gallery. However, our knowledge and ability does not end there. We also have decades of experience navigating the complex building permit process, fostering strong relationships with specialists, trades and contractors (who are available for immediate mobilization), and working efficiently with City Inspectors with whom we have developed an outstanding professional reputation.

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When it comes to office design, your Schaumberg-based business should not take a back seat to organizations in Chicago. Your business deserves the very best, and in the big picture your customers and even your employees expect the best, too. That is where we enter the picture and make a transformative difference to your work environment and branding strategy. 

To learn more contact Key Interiors today using the form on the right. Your consultation with us is free. Discover why we are the trusted source for office design in Schaumberg!