Office Renovation

Why Your Office Renovation Needs a Punch List Before Completion

why-your-office-renovation-needs-a-punch-list-before-completionIn the not-so-distant past, towards the end of an office renovation project a document containing minor construction-related tasks was circulated between customers, architects and contractors. When all parties agreed that a specific task was completed as per contractual expectations and requirements, it would be hole-punched (often, two copies of the document was punched so that the architect and contractor would have the own). And hence, through this process the aptly-named “punch list” was born.

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How a Strict Office Redesign Timeline Can Save Money

how-a-strict-office-redesign-timeline-can-save-money.jpgWhen it comes to planning an office redesign, the choice of materials, the need for specialists and licenses, and the overall scope of the project will impact cost. And so naturally, adjusting any of these variables will either increase or reduce the final price.