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The Big Three of Conference Room Design

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Don’t forget about your staff during an office construction project! Talk to Key Interiors about our conference room design services.

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The conference room may be the most versatile area in any workspace and when it comes to building one, there are three important things to ask: What does it represent? How does it function? What is your budget?


What does it represent?

Conference room design is crucial to creating an effective interior office design. Improving a conference room can boost productivity, enhance the appearance of your workspace, impress visitors/customers, and even bolster employee morale. Your conference room is also a place where you need to include your branding. Often these rooms are used for both internal and external meetings. Both are equally important to market your brand to.

How Does it Function?

Some businesses need a specific conference room design in order to host presentations for clients. Other companies may use a conference room as a space for team members to collaborate and brainstorm together. It’s possible that a company may have three or four conference rooms –– depending on their size and their needs. It’s critical to consider what the main function of your conference room is – Collaborative and team centric? A showpiece for sales or board members? Does the room require flexibility and what message you are trying to send when people are in this room(s)? What kind of acoustics do you need to consider for? How long do people usually sit in here – do you need super comfortable furniture? What kind of data & electronics needs are required – do people need to be able to connect up quickly and easily? All of this determines finishes, furniture, walls, and the entire design and layout of your conference room.

What is Your Budget?

This is a very important question. You can get chairs for anywhere from $40/chair to $4000/chair and tables anywhere from $2000 to $20000. You could choose to put in a wet bar with a refrigerator and a sink, or you could just stick with the basic four walls. There are so many options, that it is important to talk about your budget at the beginning and have your designer show you where you can ‘splash out’ versus save a little money, yet still get the effect that you’re looking for.

Our team at Key Interiors has experience working with a variety of businesses in numerous industries. From casual conference room designs, to high-end presentation areas, and everything in between, we know how to match your company’s style through our interior design process.

when you work with Key Interiors, you’ll receive:

Initial design consultation and advice. 

An on-site assessment to identify the needs of your company. 

Help determining company preferences including design choices, color patterns, room size, and amenities. 

Assistance in meeting construction regulations and hiring contractors. 

Logistical support to create a working budget, schedule, and set of contingency plans for your conference room design and construction. 

Access to high-quality furniture and waiting room amenities from our design library of 400+ vendors. This includes, but is not limited to, countertops, sinks, bars, chairs, tables, and desks.

Conference Room Design Services For Chicagoland

While conference room designs may take on many different forms, we always strive to create comfortable, welcoming spaces for our clients. An ideal conference room should be easy to clean, have plenty of space, boast audio and video connectivity, and possess HVAC controls and ventilation. Whether you use your conference room primarily for team meetings or to host guests or clients, it should be a centerpiece of your workspace. 

Key Interiors understands how to manage budgetary and spatial constraints to deliver quality interior design solutions for our clients. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your new conference room matches your brand and your company goals, and that all parties will be satisfied with the outcome. We’re experts in this field, and we can help your business enhance its office design. 

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Don’t forget about your staff during an office construction project! Talk to Key Interiors about our conference room design services.

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