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Office Bathrooms Can Be One of the Most Important Pieces of Office Design

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Don’t forget about your staff during an office construction project! Talk to Key Interiors about our office bathroom and restroom design services.

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Bathrooms are essential, but often neglected, areas of many commercial buildings. Indeed, office restrooms play an important role in overall office design. Presenting a stellar office bathroom design is a great way for business leaders to show they care about their employees, future talent, and visiting clients. Someone will judge your entire company based on the state of your company restrooms because it sends a message about the level of detail that you put into your organization.

Of course, renovating, expanding, or building a new bathroom from scratch is much easier said than done. There are dozens of different factors to consider–– from planning a construction schedule, to setting a budget, to more specific decisions like installing touchless fixtures or choosing nice looking finishes. Often customers who renovate their office restrooms hesitate to spend a little extra (about 10% more) on nicer finishes (tile/faucets/vanities/stalls/etc) because a restroom renovation can be fairly involved and costly in the first place. Keep in mind that businesses only tend to renovate their restrooms about once every 15-20 years. The extra 10% might seem like a lot now, but it makes such a big difference and it will be there for so many years, that we believe it’s 100% worth it to save up a little extra to make your bathrooms really stand out.

A few other tips & considerations for office restroom design:

  • Touchless fixtures are more important than ever because of increased awareness for hygiene. Not only that, but they reduce waste and cost of disposables. 
  • How private do you want your toilet partitions to be?
  • Do you need an area for a mother’s room in or near your women’s restroom? Or maybe just a changing area?
  • Do you want to offer an area to sit?
  • Lighting can make a big difference in a restroom. Try to make it a little bit nicer than a typical grid ceiling. Warmer lighting makes it more comfortable.
  • Some companies are offering showers – especially manufacturing organizations where shop workers tend to get dirty and sweaty during the day.
  • In a more industrial application, try to cover up the CMU block – it makes the bathroom look less institutional.

Our team at Key Interiors has years of experience creating office bathroom designs for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. We understand the budgetary and spatial constraints many of our clients face, and we can help your company upgrade your bathroom situation in a meaningful way.

when you work with Key Interiors, you’ll receive:

An initial consultation and inspection to review your needs and assess your situation.

Expert consultation and advice from our experienced team members. 

Assistance in forming a blueprint, budget, schedule, and contingency plans for your office bathroom design and construction. 

Help gaining construction permits and hiring contractors if needed. 

Support from our team who will answer any questions you may have and provide you with updates throughout the process.

Access to our numerous furnishing options and bathroom amenities from our design library of 400+ lenders. (This includes, but is not limited to, sinks/faucets, wall tiling, hand-drying methods, toilets, urinals, and stalls.)

Bathroom Design Services For Chicagoland

A quality office bathroom design should ensure happy employees (and customers), sanitary conditions to promote good hygiene, and allow all visitors the privacy and comfort they need from a restroom. It shouldn’t break the bank, go way over schedule, alter the productivity of your team, or disrupt the current setup of your office. 


At Key Interiors, we’re experts in interior design. This means that we won’t just help you dramatically improve the bathrooms in your workspace, we’ll also show you how to optimize your office. From adding nursing rooms, to locker rooms, to rearranging your office layout, our team can help you build a better functioning and happier office environment. Plus, we’ll cover the granular aspects of renovating a bathroom so that you can focus on leading your team. No job is too big for us and no details are too small!

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Don’t forget about your staff during an office construction project! Talk to Key Interiors about our bathroom and restroom design services.

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