The 3 Biggest Problems with Office Design — and How to Solve Them

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Close-up of human hand holding key. Idea concept-342878-edited.jpegIs your office design a liability instead of an asset? Unfortunately, that is the case if it is triggering any of these three major — and common — problems: 

1. Poor Space Utilization

Office design is not just about making an existing space functional and appealing. In the big picture, it is also about ensuring that space — which of course is a major expense — is utilized effectively and optimally.

Of course, this does not mean that employees should be packed in like proverbial sardines, or that every conceivable square foot must either store something or house someone. Rather, it means that careful attention should be paid to “WHY” people and assets are deployed and positioned, and not just “WHERE.”

2. The Office Design Reduces Productivity and Performance 

Businesses invest thousands — and in some cases, millions — of dollars a year trying to boost employee productivity and performance; ultimately because doing so increases competitive advantage and profitability.

However, an area that a surprising number of businesses overlook is office design — which, like other investment and strategies (e.g. training, IT upgrades, etc.) directly influences employee productivity and performance; for better or for worse. 

For example, many employees need to collaborate with various work groups and teams in order to achieve outcomes and objectives, but their office design makes this tedious and difficult. Even the most dedicated and hard-working employees are therefore going to get bogged down and held back by this scenario; let alone the dire impact it will have on less-engaged and less-motivated employees.

3. The Office Design is a Brand Liability vs. an Asset

Last but not least, many businesses are literally “stuck” with an office design that may have been fresh and aligned with their brand years (or maybe decades) ago, but is simply no longer fit with their image. 

Simply put, office design is both the expression of a brand, and something that reinforces and reinvigorates it. What’s more, it does not matter if a business environment is not customer-facing; i.e. customers are engaged over the phone, through email, at a different location, etc. The most progressive and profitable organizations know that an office design that is vibrant, updated and on-brand gives employees the inspiration and incentive they need to know that their organization’s best days are ahead: not behind. 

Solving these Office Design Problems

Although these office design problems are significant and costly, they can be solved. And it all starts with partnering with the interior solution specialists at Key Interiors. We will help you cost-effectively refresh, renovate or re-invent your office space, so that it is an asset that elevates your employees, brand and business!

To learn more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

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