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The foundation of any office renovation project starts with office design!

Working with one of our interior designers, we extensively interview all key staff and owners to prepare a comprehensive overview plan of your entire office renovation project.  

The following points are addressed individually:

  1. Scope of project
  2. Projected timeline
  3. Budgetary constraints
  4. Overall project goals
  5. Interior furniture needs
  6. Interior themes or branding statements
  7. Building assessment
  8. Mechanicals assessment
  9. Future growth feasibility study

Having these office design details outlined allows the entire renovation to run smoothly while providing expectations for your office and your Key Interiors design team.

Whether you're looking to increase productivity, utilize your space more efficiently or to modernize your office design, contact Key Interiors using the form on the right. Our free consultation should be the first step in designing the office of your dreams.