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3 High Tech Office Design Ideas for Progressive Businesses

Posted by Jerry Johnstone on May 4, 2018 10:30:00 AM

high tech office designThe most innovative work spaces are often expressions of the forward-thinking companies behind them. After all, successful entrepreneurs recognize the value of a cutting-edge office, and will take measures to equip their team with everything they need to gain an advantage over the competition. The problem many companies face when dealing with office renovation however, is they don’t know where to start. Indeed, it can be a daunting task to try and completely reimagine a workspace from scratch. So in order to provide a solid blueprint for all business owners to follow, here are three high tech office design ideas for workplaces of all sizes.

Go Mobile

Even if your business doesn’t deal with crazy advanced technology, it doesn’t mean you can’t still implement some high-tech design in your workspace. To expand on that point, workers across industries are more flexible now and are comfortable working on mobile devices like laptops, iPads, or even their phones. In fact, the idea that employees need to be tied down to their desks for eight hours straight to access the internet is at best out-dated and at worst foolish. Rather than trying to restrict your employees, you may instead want to focus on an open office design that allows employees to move freely throughout your space. Think of it this way: they have the tools to get the job done already. All you have to do is give them the freedom to do it.

Little Collaborations Make a Big Difference

If you want to increase productivity around the office, studies indicate that you need to boost your collaboration levels. That makes sense on a pretty basic level, really. Working alone in front of a screen can be demoralizing; similarly, holding big meetings with ten or more members of staff might sound like a good idea on paper. Though those meetings often bear less fruit than what you might imagine. The best play is often splitting the difference and creating small collaboration opportunities within your office space. Designing rooms, desks, and spaces to accommodate a small group (two or three) will enable your team to get the feedback and interaction with others that they need, without sacrificing lots of time and energy that more structured meetings require.

Creature Comforts

Many corporate offices have a similar feel to them; they all possess the same technology, the same devices, the same tools, and (virtually) share the same layout. So how can you make your office a more exciting locale to attract new talent and clients alike? The short answer is to create an atmosphere unlike your competitors. More and more companies are shifting their workspaces to  resemble homes or domiciles. Incorporating game rooms, inviting furniture, and compelling artwork in your office design will let your team members know they aren’t merely working at a run-of-the-mill office, but rather a special place with a special environment.

The Bottom Line

Too many businesses are complacent with their current office design because they don’t realize it’s holding them back. If you’re ready to learn more about interior design best practices –– and see how you can use them to boost productivity –– then contact the Key Interiors team today. Plus, the idea of open offices is an intriguing one to many business owners. Download our free eBook here to see if it makes sense for your company. New Call-to-action

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