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jet support services inc

JSSI, a worldwide private aircraft management firm, have their global headquarters located on the 29th floor of one of Chicago’s premier office buildings, the Prudential Building.  Striving to promote a competent image when surrounded with the great city’s ambitious attitude may be difficult for some, but it’s easily accomplished with our professional design team on board!

See the opportunity to conquer the challenge, Key Interiors completed the complex six-phase project despite stringent work and building rules to complete the project on time and within budget.  JSSI decided to replace all of their carpet, furniture and paint with modern styles and quality brands.  By installing 150 LF of monolithic glass walls and doors across the face of all perimeter offices, natural light was greatly enhanced, allowing it to permeate throughout the floor.  All eight of the elevator doors received an epoxy coating, while 60 frame and tile workstations were installed designed to meet the specific needs of each team’s sector.

By August of 2012, JSSI’s 15,000 square foot office interior was completed, satisfying their needs and further helping them to accomplish their goals as a successful management enterprise.