How Your Office Redesign Can Create a Healthy Workspace for Your Employees

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Office redesignThere are many rewards of an office redesign, including improved workflows, better collaboration, enhanced customer service, and a more impressive image and reputation (which is very important for recruiting and retention).

At the same time, there’s another welcome benefit that can be as important – or in some cases, even more important – than those already listed: improving employee health!

Below, we highlight 5 key ways that your office design can create a healthy workspace for your employees:

  1. Encourage Healthy Actions and Behaviors

You can use your office redesign to encourage healthy actions and behaviors, such as centrally locating common areas and resources (e.g. printer stations), deploying work areas closer to stairs to encourage their use, and renovating the lunchroom so that more employees pack a nutritious lunch and eat on-site vs. go out for junk food.

  1. Use Sit-Stand Workstations

Sit-stand workstations allow employees to seamlessly adjust between a sitting and standing position throughout the workday. This improves mobility, flexibility, circulation, posture, and even supports collaboration and interaction as employees are not “heads down at their desk” for hours at a time. At the same time, sit-stand desks are very impressive and can really boost your business’s image with employees and customers!

  1. Add Plants

Common everyday houseplants like Ivy are excellent – and inexpensive – ways to create a healthy workspace for employees, as the air will be cleaner, more oxygenated, and more hydrated. And of course, plants are naturally beautiful and will add an attractive element to any office environment, from casual to conservative.

  1. Swap Fluorescents for LEDs

Fluorescent lighting is not just pretty ugly to look at: it is also a literal eyesore, because it forces your employees to squint and strain. You can make their jobs easier and improve their health by switching to LEDs (and installing them in suitable locations). At the same time, LEDs use significantly less energy, so you will save on utility bills!

  1. Implement an Open/Collaborative Office Design

An open/collaborative office minimizes or eliminates cubicles and barriers between employees, and enables them to work in a shared space. This promotes collaboration and interaction, while it also boosts employee health thanks to improved airflow and lighting (i.e. walls no longer obstruct either), and fact that it encourages greater mobility and movement throughout the day.

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To learn more about how your office redesign can create a healthy workspace for your employees, contact the interior solutions specialists at Key Interiors today. We partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and across all sectors and industry. Your consultation with us is free.


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