How to Create Effective Collaboration Spaces for Your Office

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collaboration spacesModern employees don’t usually have much in common with each other. They may come from different cities, hold different interests, practice different religions, work on different projects, and think about the world in vastly different ways. A big challenge then for many business owners is figuring out how to ensure their team members get along and collaborate effectively. And any professional with a little experience in management will already know that you can’t “force” collaboration. Rather, business collaboration is something that either naturally occurs in an office or, alternatively, doesn’t. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to create collaboration spaces that will encourage your staff to work together more often –– and more effectively. Check them out here:

Take Technology Beyond the Desk

For generations, the desk was the only place an employee did any work. Break rooms, cafeterias, common areas, etc. all lacked the equipment team members needed to accomplish any tasks. Now though, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, it doesn’t take much to transform these areas into bastions of creativity. Simply providing basic tech amenities like phone chargers and a strong private WiFi network will enable your team members to stay plugged in even when they’re away from their designated work area.

Hang Whiteboards & Tablets

To expand on our previous point, the best business owners make sure to equip every room in their office with the tools employees need to collaborate. As such, hanging up whiteboards or investing in a few tablets to leave around high-traffic areas should give team members license to move about and still focus on their daily assignments. Remember, improving your office design doesn’t always have to involve knocking down walls and starting from scratch.

Prioritize Recreational Areas

As we mentioned above, collaboration is often something that occurs organically when employees are relaxed and feel comfortable talking to one another. If the only interactions your team members have are during formal meetings, then they’ll struggle to build a rapport. No, your employees don’t have to be best friends with each other, but they need to have strong working relationships –– and they only way to build them is to spend time together. Recreational areas, then, are perfect for low-stress team-building activities like playing video games, which can help new team members get to know one another.

Final Thoughts

So many factors influence a business’s collaboration levels. From company culture, to hiring choices, to industry, and location, it can sometimes be difficult for business owners to identify exactly what needs to change in order to ensure seamless communication between their staff members. The good news is, office layout and workplace design are factors under your control that you can alter to create a better work atmosphere. Contact the Key Interiors team today to see how an office renovation can transform the way your company operates. Plus, make sure to download our free eBook on whether an open office design is right for your business. If increasing collaboration is on your mind, then this is a must-read!


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