5 Open Office Design Ideas for Every Industry

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open office designSome companies never consider the possibility of an open office design because they feel it wouldn’t suit their business. Professionals in certain industries have ignored this potentially beneficial office upgrade, in large part because it’s considered “untraditional,” or they fear the shake-up would cause more harm than good. The truth is though, open office design can work for just about every business –– in every industry. And while we can’t cover every single profession in this blog post, today we’ll highlight five open office design ideas that can improve any workspace:

Embrace Flexibility

Whether you opt for a full-scale open office layout or not, you can always look to create a more pliable and mobile workspace. Purchasing furniture (desks, tables, chairs) that’s easily transportable is a great step toward creating an office with greater potential. In this way, you can repurpose one room to perform a number of functions –– from holding meetings, to analyzing a project, to entertaining guests. Regardless of whether or not you decide to try hot-desking, for instance, you can still give your team a boost by creating spaces with multiple functions.   

Plan for Privacy

Opting for an open office doesn’t mean you should level your workspace and put everyone in the same room at all times. The point of an open office is to spark collaboration and increase productivity. But sometimes your team members will need time and space on their own to finish a task. If your office can’t deliver this, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Make sure your employees have places to unwind when they need to, as well as a place to buckle down when necessary.

Organize Meticulously

To the untrained eye, an open office might appear like a bee hive swarming with different workers. However, much like a bee hive, the best open offices are actually model examples of sophisticated organization. Merely creating a space where your employees can talk freely isn’t enough; instead, you need to envision an area where every part of your business can coordinate its efforts.

Integrate Your Team

If you’re planning an office renovation or a relocation, you need to give your employees time to acclimate to their new surroundings. Furthermore, you need to instruct them how to best utilize their new space as well. Don’t expect your team to hit the ground running in your new workspace unless you give them a plan to follow. Plus, running an integration with engaged team members can bring out new ideas you might have overlooked.

Value Transparency

An open office design makes sense for many B2B businesses because it improves productivity, collaboration, and efficiency within the office. But what about companies that deal with their customers directly? How can an open office better serve them? In the case of dental offices or car dealerships for instance, open designs can actually help put your customers at ease. Letting them see how you operate will not only clear up any potential confusion or doubt they might have felt about your operation, it will also enable them to interact with your team with greater comfort.

The Bottom Line

If your business can benefit from increased connectivity and productivity, then an open office is for you. However, there’s an art to getting the design right. Contact the Key Interiors team today to see how we can make the office of your dreams a reality. Still not sure if an open office design is right for you? Then download our free eBook here and see for yourself:


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