Why Office Construction Management is an Essential Part of Office Design

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office construction management office designWhen some businesses want to refresh their work environment so that it is more modern, ergonomic, employee-friendly, customer-centric, productive and efficient, they can focus their efforts (or more typically, direct the efforts of their interior solutions partner) on making key changes that make a big difference, but do not require any fundamental construction or reconstruction.

However, in other cases, it is either desirable or simply necessary to invent or re-invent a space by making fundamental design changes – and that is where office construction management enters the picture, and why it is an essential part of office design.

Essentially, office construction management is a professional service that uses proven, specialized techniques, approaches and strategies to oversee all aspects of a construction project from beginning to end. These interrelated and integrated tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Identifying, specifying and developing project objectives and plans
  • Providing all project management, including assigning a dedicated project manager (or multiple project managers if required)
  • Providing all aspects of site management
  • Using value engineering to reduce costs while maintaining quality and scope
  • Providing budget development, management and control
  • Providing schedule development, management and control
  • Providing cash flow forecasting and control
  • Managing and supervising all sub-contractors, consultants, trades and architects
  • Obtaining all required permits
  • Assessing all bids and making recommendations
  • Preparing and management payment schedules
  • Providing cost control oversight
  • Maximizing resource efficiency
  • Asset sourcing (e.g. office furniture, FFE, lighting, wall coverings, etc.)
  • Overseeing security and IT management
  • Providing regular updates and reporting throughout the project (e.g. daily updates, weekly reports, etc.).
  • Resolving disagreements or disputes with suppliers, vendors, trades, etc.
  • Providing quality control and assurance
  • Coordinating site inspections by local building inspectors
  • Providing risk analysis, management and mitigation
  • Managing all aspects of project closeout, including ensuring all sub-contractor commitments are fulfilled

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At Key Interiors, we know that office construction management is complex, and there are multiple moving parts that must be properly monitored, managed and controlled at all times. That’s why we take ownership of all of the above, and ensure that our in-house construction project managers handle every aspect, from the big picture to the granular details. We enable our clients to focus on leading their business, while we handle the planning, coordination and control of their transformative office design re-invention from beginning to end.

To learn more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation. Discover why we are the interior solutions experts that professionals trust and recommend!

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