How Sit-Stand Desks are Changing the Office Environment

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sit-stand desksAcross the country, a growing number of businesses – from small firms to large organizations – are replacing conventional chairs and desks, with “sit-stand” desks.

As the term suggests, sit-stand desks allow employees to seamlessly change from a sitting to standing position (and vice versa) while they work. The built-in counter-balancing mechanism keeps positioning stable and safe, and more advanced models operate without cranks or motors. They are also ideal for employees of all heights, and for shift-work or open/collaborative environments where multiple employees use the same desk at different times of the day/week.

Below, we highlight the 4 key reasons why this groundbreaking innovation is changing the office environment, and why you may want to make sit-stand desks a central part of your team’s daily work experience:

  1. Healthier Employees

As noted by’s ergonomics expert Chris Adams, sit-stand desks burn extra calories, improve posture and enhance flexibility and blood flow – all of which translate into healthier employees. And as confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), healthier employees are more productive, take fewer sick days, and have a lower incidence of “presenteeism” (the measurable extent to which health symptoms, conditions, and diseases negatively impact the productivity of employees who opt to remain at work vs. stay at home).

  1. Promotes Collaboration & Interaction

Businesses are constantly looking for smarter ways to boost employee collaboration and interaction. Sit-stand desks align perfectly with this key objective, since they encourage employees to be alert, active and engaged throughout the day (or night for those doing shift work). At the same time, employees who need to focus on their task vs. collaborate with others can easily and instantly go “heads down” and get their work done.

  1. Improved Image

Sit-stand desks are not just ergonomically advanced – they’re also aesthetically impressive, and convey a positive image to employees and customers. They demonstrate that a business is focused on continued growth, and that regardless of its past successes and achievements, its best days are ahead – not behind. 

  1. Lightweight and Portable 

Last but not least, compared to heavy and bulky conventional office furniture, sit-stand desks are lightweight and portable – which means that they can be redeployed in different areas of the office as necessary to accommodate changing workflows and team needs.

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To learn how you can change your office environment with sit-stand desks, as well as discovering many other low-cost, high-impact ways to support your employees, impress your customers and improve your bottom-line, contact Key Interiors today. Your consultation with us is free!

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