8 Benefits of a LEED Certification for Your Workplace

September 24, 2020

One of the most exciting office design trends in recent years is the movement toward sustainable workspaces. Indeed, more and more companies are looking for ways to “go green” and create eco-friendly professional environments. Check out this LEED certified case study of one of our projects.

These certifications can now present serious value for growing companies. LEED Certification stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,” and these independently verified certificates recognize buildings that have been built with green features, sustainable practices, and energy-efficient considerations. Today, we’ll list eight benefits of a LEED Certification for your workplace.

Benefits of a Sustainable Office Design

There are two types of benefits associated with a LEED Certification –– the advantages a company enjoys from a sustainable office design, and the direct benefits of a high-level LEED Certification.

In terms of sustainability, companies can benefit in a myriad of ways from enhancing their office in order to gain a LEED Certification. A few highlights in this regard include:

  • A healthier work environment. Improved air quality alone can actually contribute a healthier office space and better performance. Employees may even take fewer sick days in offices that prioritize quality airflow.
  • Lower utility costs.
  • Reduced expenses on waste and waste removal. This includes construction waste as well.
  • Increased employee retention, productivity, and morale. Offices that are full of natural elements, bright lighting, and clean areas can all contribute to enhanced employee performance.

Even if you don’t earn a LEED certification, bolstering your office’s sustainability can bring about these benefits as well. Making incremental progress toward a greener workplace is better than standing still! (Note also that companies themselves cannot gain a LEED Certification –– only buildings or neighborhoods. So even if you don’t own your building, you can still make eco-friendly improvements and increase your company’s sustainability. Doing so just may not translate into a LEED Certification.)

Direct Benefits of a LEED Certification

In addition to all of the indirect benefits a company can gain from simply opting for a more sustainable approach, there are also some key direct benefits they can access by achieving a LEED Certification.

  • The first, and most tangible of these is the ability to apply for certain tax rebates and zoning allowances.
  • What’s more, buildings with a LEED Certification are almost certain to go up in value –– should you ever decide to sell your office space and relocate.
  • A LEED Certification also enables a company to use that information for public relations and marketing purposes. This can lead to improved business reputation and make it easier for companies to attract new customers and new potential hires as well.
  • Finally, the last and perhaps the most meaningful benefit attached to a LEED Certification is the positive impact made for the environment.

It may not seem like much now, but if enough companies adopt a sustainable mentality, everyone on the planet will benefit in the long run!

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At Key Interiors, we’ve worked with businesses in a number of fields to create more sustainable, eco-friendly workspaces that delight both employees and clients alike. Check out this LEED certified case study of one of our projects. If you’re looking to set your company up for long-term success, then going after a LEED Certification now is a fantastic idea –– and we can help you out along the way. Contact us today.

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