5 Office Renovation Tips to Create a Green & Healthy Office

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office renovationAcross the country, an increasing number of businesses of all shapes and sizes are renovating their office so that it is not just more functional, attractive and impressive, but also so that it is green and healthy.

Below, we highlight 5 office renovation tips to create a green and healthy office that will support your employees, while at the same time, boost your bottom-line – because employees will take fewer sick days, be more productive and engaged, and look forward to coming into work!

  1. Let in More Natural Light

According to research at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, access to more natural light during the workday can help employees by improving their quality of sleep, and enhancing their overall quality of life. And of course, since it is free, you will be able to “turn on the natural light” without increasing your energy costs!

  1. Use More Energy Efficient Lighting

Replace incandescent lighting with CFL or LED lighting. This not only measurably reduces energy consumption, but is clearer and more luminous – which will be welcome news for your employees, who can see better without having to squint or strain their eyes.

  1. Improve Airflow

Blocked vents do more than increase your cooling bills in the summer and heating bills in the winter: they also put your employees’ health at risk! An office renovation that improves airflow (such as adopting an open and collaborative office) can be a transformative solution.

  1. Use Environmentally Friendly Building Materials

When choosing new office furniture, fixtures and other items for your office renovation, ensure that you factor environmental friendliness into your decision-making. For example office furniture made from wood composites contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and should therefore be avoided. Your employees and future generations will thank you!

  1. Bring in Some Nature

Plants do more than beautify the office environment. They work 24/7 to reduce pollutants in the air, add oxygen, and also enhance humidity – which is particularly helpful since most offices are exceedingly dry.

What’s more, you do not have to invest in exotic (and expensive!) plants to reap the healthy and green rewards. Many regular houseplants, such as Ivy, Chrysanthemums, and Philodendrons are excellent options, and do not require expert care and maintenance. Just some water, food, adequate light and “TLC” is all it takes!

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To discover even more office renovation tips for creating a green and healthy office, contact the interior solutions specialists at Key Interiors today. We can help you choose low-cost, high-impact strategies to support your people, boost your bottom-line, and reduce your overall environmental footprint.

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