Why We Love Sustainable Office Design (And You Should Too!)

November 26, 2019

sustainable office designAt Key Interiors, we believe workspaces should be designed to maximize productivity and eliminate distraction. Sustainable office design, then, is a practice we love since it offers business owners and employees many substantial advantages. Sustainable office design is a practice of creating commercial workspaces by eliminating waste, using recycled material, and adhering to environmentally conscious standards. (You can think of it as “green” office design.) However, we understand why some business owners may be hesitant to implement a sustainable office design at their location. That’s why we’re here to explain how sustainable offices can work for companies across industries.

Sustainable Office Design Elements

It’s reasonable for those who haven’t worked in a sustainable office before to have some questions about how it differs from a “regular” workspace. And the answer is –– it doesn’t really have to. Yes, sustainable office design is based on the precept of reducing distractions and eliminating excess; so you’re unlikely to see intricate metal sculptures lining the lobbies of sustainable offices. However in practical terms, sustainable offices can look and function in much the same way as a typical office would. (The myth that sustainable offices are little more than spartan tables and plastic chairs is just that –– a myth.) Here are a few aspects that you might expect to find in a sustainable office:

  • Natural lighting
  • Plants/green decor
  • Economic use of space
  • Recycled furniture
  • Elimination of unneeded materials

The Benefits of Sustainable Office Design

Sustainable offices are fully capable of supporting modern business’s needs and, in truth, offer several distinct advantages to offices built in a “traditional” manner. First, a sustainable design approach can help a company save space and optimize their layout. By eliminating some of the gaudier aspects of office design, business owners can prioritize what’s important to them and to their team. What’s more, sustainable office design offers notable savings possibilities for companies that want to lower their utilities bills. Also, sustainable offices will bolster employee productivity. Introducing natural light and plant life are simple yet amazingly effective ways to improve morale and give your team a boost.

Lastly, let’s not forget that sustainable design choices are great for the environment! That much should be obvious, but it’s easy to forget that sustainable offices are environmentally conscious. This practice really is a win-win!

Contact the Pros

You don’t need to hire a professional design team to introduce “green” facets to your current workspace. On the other hand, if you’re looking to launch a full-scale renovation or redesign anyway, know that we can help you achieve your goals in a sustainable way. Contact the Key Interiors team today for more information on how we can make your dreams of a sustainable office come true. Rest assured, we’ll work with you to provide a solution unique to your situation; we don’t use boilerplate templates to build beautiful offices. Plus, to see how we’ll keep your design project on track (and under budget!) all the way through to completion, check out our free eBook here:  


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