5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Windowless Office Design

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windowless officeIt’s well known that letting natural sunlight flow into an office environment boosts employee health and increases employee productivity. And those factors are important for everything from recruitment and retention, to revenue and profits.

However, the fact remains that not every office can reap the benefits of natural sunlight. Some offices don’t have windows, and installation may prove too costly. If this is the case with your current situation, then then we heave good news for you and your employees. Here are five practical and cost-effective ways to brighten up your windowless office design

1. Install Lights from a Variety of Sources

You can create a soft, natural light pattern by installing lights from a variety of sources, such as overhead lighting and lamps places at different levels.

2. Use Warm Colors

Instead of conventional white or light gray walls, which can actually create eyestrain, you can use colors such as beige, soft yellow, or light orange to create a warmer, brighter environment.

3. Let Mother Nature In

Plants are a wonderfully effective — and affordable — way to make any space brighter. In addition to enhancing overall aesthetics, plants perform double-duty by scrubbing the air and reducing pollutants, while also improving air quality. Just ensure that you choose plants that can thrive in environments that restricted to natural light!

4. Sub Art for Windows

Hang outdoor-themed artwork throughout the office to create a natural, brighter look and feel. Of if you want to be even more creative (and if it’s appropriate for your field and marketplace), then consider implementing large murals in your workspace. These vibrant additions to your design will delight employees and visitors alike!

5. Create an Open Office Environment

Cubicles block light, and employees tend to really hate them. Switching to an open office environment instantly creates a sense of spaciousness, and it easier for professionals to utilize the light they do have access to. As a bonus, open office environments promote collaboration and communication, especially among cross-functional teams who rarely (if ever) interact.

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To learn more about how to brighten up your windowless office design, as well as other insightful best practices on how to maximize your office space and get the most value from your environment, contact the Key Interiors team today. Your consultation with us is free.

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