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4 Benefits to Business Murals Inside & Outside the Office

Posted by Jerry Johnstone on Dec 18, 2018 10:30:00 AM

business muralsIt’s difficult to put a price on the power of art. After all, how can you quantify the emotional response a compelling painting produces? What is clear though, is that people love engaging with murals and art related to businesses. In fact, business murals offer major benefits to companies that utilize them both inside and outside of their offices. Here are four reasons why you should consider integrating murals within your office design:

Improved Employee Morale

Professionals perform better when they feel their contributions and opinions matter. One way business owners can let their team members know they’re listening is to create a mural that incorporates employee goals, values, and ambitions. Plus, a well-crafted mural will prove more exciting than plain walls or trite, “corporate art.” Striking the right tone with a mural can entirely change the way your team members perceive their environment.

Memorable First Impressions

First impressions are often crucial to success in business. Potential customers, clients, and employees will –– for better or worse –– make judgements about your organization based solely on its appearance. This includes everything from the status of your building’s facade to the cleanliness of your bathrooms. As such, vibrant, eye-catching murals both inside and outside of your office will help your team form positive first impressions when dealing with important visitors.

Increased Brand Awareness

Some corporations like Adidas, for instance, have utilized murals as a form of guerilla marketing. By commissioning artists to create branded artwork around a city or neighborhood, companies hope to generate positive PR via social media and word-of-mouth referrals. While small businesses might not have the required fame or budget to pull off such a tactic on their own, murals still can enhance a company’s brand awareness. A well-made mural will reflect what your company does and what you stand for. Whether located inside or outside of your office, such murals will immediately convey the nature of your business to all who encounter it.

Enhanced Office Design

Murals are a great option for business owners who want to spruce up their office atmosphere, but don’t have the space or budget to make major changes to their layout. Alternatively, the right mural can be a brilliant way to complete an office renovation and usher in a new era in your business’s history. However you slice it, these enthralling works of art will help your company garner attention for all the right reasons.

Final Thoughts

The best office designs are creative and exciting. Traditional paintings, innovative color schemes, and murals can all help businesses form unique identities for their workplaces. If you’re ready to craft an office design that resonates with employees and clients alike, then contact the Key Interiors team today. We have decades of experience renovating offices of all varieties, and we’ll help you identify functional solutions to your design issues. Plus, to see for yourself how we’ll complete your project on time and on budget, check out our free eBook here:New Call-to-action

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