4 Amazing Ideas for Medical Office Designs

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medical office designsThe value of a good first impression can’t be overstated. And that’s especially true for medical practices, hospitals, and testing facilities. A medical office design can either inspire confidence and relax nervous patients, or exacerbate their concerns. Given that fact, medical professionals can’t take any risks when it comes to their design choices. Here then are four amazing ideas for medical office designs of all shapes, sizes, and budgets:

Tech in the Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are traditionally uncomfortable places to occupy. After all, they exist in limbo between the “outside world” and examination areas. Medical practitioners can ease some of the natural tension in waiting rooms by adding a few modern tech amenities. Digital apps that display wait times, free WiFi, and a TV or two are several basic ways to improve your guests’ mood in waiting rooms. Of course, there are myriad other tech upgrades you can offer like  “rentable” tablets, or a video game system for younger guests to enjoy.

Unified Layout

The last thing a medical facility should resemble is a sprawling maze. Not only will poor layout choices confuse and disorient your guests, but they could also hamper employee productivity. Nurses, doctors, and other medical pros shouldn’t have to traverse the length of your building to reach a related sector or get in touch with key personnel. What’s more, applying uniform design elements to examination rooms will ensure that new employees know exactly where everything is located no matter which room they enter.

Engaging Break Rooms

Medical pros often work grueling schedules that can regularly exceed ten hours per day. As such, it’s crucial that they have areas to themselves to collect their thoughts and take a breather. Under-furnished, understocked break rooms won’t help your team recharge their batteries during a particularly stressful shift. Compelling art work, books, magazines, TVs, vending machines, ping-pong tables, and stocked fridges can all improve a break room’s atmosphere.  

Pleasing Sights, Smells, & Sounds

How a medical practice looks –– the color scheme, furniture layout, artwork –– will certainly have an effect on first-time visitors. Yet, how a place smells, sounds, and feels will also influence perception. Vibrant air-fresheners, pleasant music in the waiting room, and comfortable chairs will all go a long way toward winning over nervous patients. Remember, an office space renovation should address every sense you possess!

Final Thoughts

Medical office designs present unique challenges to designers and medical pros alike. At the end of the day, a medical facility has to be both welcoming and efficient; relaxed and still clinical. Fortunately, our team at Key Interiors has a long history of providing solutions specifically tailored to medical offices. We approach every project on a case-by-case basis, and will ensure that the design we create is perfect for your situation, needs, and budget. Contact our team today! Not sure if your office needs a serious renovation? Then check out our free eBook to get some professional advice on the matter:


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