Why Refurbishing Your Existing Furniture Saves Office Renovation Dollars

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why-refurbishing-your-existing-furniture-saves-office-renovation-dollars.jpgWhether your office renovation budget is under $10,000 or over $100,000, you wisely want to ensure that you are getting the most value possible. And that means exploiting opportunities to save costs — but without compromising your vision.

The good news is that there are several ways that you can achieve this goal. For example:

  • Value engineering is a proven method of lowering life-cycle costs; particularly if this approach is implemented early on in the process (i.e. during material selection, schedule development, etc.).
  • You can design your office renovation so that you do not require an architect (i.e. no structural changes to the building’s exterior).
  • You can design your office renovation so that you do not need certain permits (permits in some large cities like Chicago can be quite costly).
  • You can refurbish your existing furniture, rather than buying new. We explore this possibility below.

How Much Will You Save?

While the total amount you will save by refurbishing your furniture depends on your unique situation, given that quality new office furniture can be quite pricey — with some cubicles and workstations costing over $10,000 – the rewards could be dramatic. In fact, the savings could be the key factor that makes your office renovation financially viable in the first place.

Additional Benefits of Using Refurbished Furniture for your Office Renovation

In addition to saving office renovation dollars, refurbishing furniture vs. buying new has other attractive benefits, including:

  • It can earn you points towards LEED certification, which is not just a reward in itself, but can help you generate more business. Many customers – especially those who use a bid/RFP process– look favorably upon businesses that have LEED certification, are working towards it, or are in other ways demonstrating environmental leadership and sustainable practices.
  • It is a simpler option, since your existing furniture is already installed and on-site (note: if it is necessary to disassemble and then re-assemble your existing office furniture as part of your office renovation project, this can done efficiently by trained professionals).
  • It prevents you from having a mix of old and new office furniture, which can diminish overall post-renovation esthetics.

Freshening Up Refurbished Furniture 

Also keep in mind that your office renovation project is the ideal time to freshen up your refurbished furniture so that it looks, feel and functions virtually like new. For example, you can reupholster chairs, sand and re-paint workstations and desks, give cubicle walls an industrial-strength cleaning, and so on. Your employees and customers will be impressed by the improvements, and you will be pleased with the significant savings!

Learn More

To learn more about these and other ways to save office renovation dollars, contact the interior solutions specialists at Key Interiors today. We have over 30 years of experience helping our customers achieve their office renovation vision – while adhering to their budget.

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