Why a Successful Office Renovation Requires Forethought & Planning

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Office RenovationIt goes without saying that you know, beyond any doubt, that a successful office renovation requires forethought and planning. In other words, you and your colleagues would not arrive to work one morning and decide spontaneously or impulsively to refresh, renovate or re-imagine your environment! Obviously, arriving at this decision – and then deciding what steps to take, what to change, and what to leave as-is – is part of a process that can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months.

Yet with this in mind, there is another level of forethought and planning that some businesses overlook when they plan and strategize their office renovation — and this is what we want to bring to your attention, because it will ensure that your investment delivers ROI for the long-term future.

Below, we highlight some of the questions you should be asking and answering BEFORE your office renovation – and not after:

  1. What are our future growth plans?

Nobody has a crystal ball, and trying to anticipate precisely how big your workforce will be/how it will be comprised a few years from now is simply not possible. However, you likely do have a good sense of where your business is headed – or where you want it to go – and should integrate that awareness into your office renovation plan. For example, if you are looking to onboard more Millennials in the next few years (as most businesses are), you may want to look at an open/collaborative space or bench seating.

  1. Do we have a “healthy” workplace?

If your office is not healthy — that is, if airflows, lighting, air quality, furniture, and other elements are diminishing rather than enhancing employee health and wellness – then addressing all of the above should definitely be a part of your future-proofed office renovation plan. Not only will your employees be healthier and more energized, but they will be more productive and efficient. Plus, your business will have a key competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining the talent you need to succeed.

  1. Are we energy efficient?

An office renovation is the ideal time to analyze lighting and HVAC systems, and make changes to significantly improve energy efficiency. This will result in immediate and ongoing utility cost savings, and (much like the point above) an energy-efficient environment can help with recruiting and retention. What’s more, some customers – in both the B2B and B2C space – will lean towards businesses that have made investments in green tech, and demonstrate that they are part of the environmental solutions.

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To learn more about the questions you need to ask and answer for a successful office renovation, contact the Key Interiors team today. We have over three decades of experience, and your consultation with us is free!

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