Who Should Have a Say in Your Office Redesign?

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office redesignOne of the most beneficial aspects of an office redesign, is that it gives businesses an opportunity to collaborate and integrate the opinions and needs of different groups – each of whom has a valuable piece of the overall puzzle.

Below, we highlight the 5 groups who should have a say in your office redesign so that the outcome is rewarding for years and possibly decades to come:

  • Leadership

An office redesign is a strategic business investment, and as such leadership should be consulted to identify aspects such as recruitment needs, efficiency requirements, and other aspects that will be directly and indirectly impacted by the project.

  • Management

Management teams (including supervisors) should also be involved in the planning process, and asked to provide their views on the office redesign as it relates to day-to-day operations. Typically, management is “closer to the action” than leadership, and will have a clearer sense of what teams are struggling with when it comes to layout, space utilization, etc.

  • Employees

Employees should certainly have a say in the office redesign, both from an issues perspective (what can be improved, changed, enhanced, etc.), and also in terms of aesthetics (colors, styles, materials, etc.). Some businesses use polls, contests, surveys, and other tools to get employees involved and excited in the process.

  • Customers

To a lesser extent than the groups noted above, customers can be a useful source of information and insight. While it is not advisable to solicit their opinions as if they were (for example) employees, it can help to ask them some high level questions such as “how important is a customer waiting area to you?” or “do you notice the lighting when you enter a business?” These questions could be asked via a customer newsletter or on a website.

  • Competitors

We are not suggesting that you take a survey or poll of your competitors. Rather, it may be interesting – and perhaps inspiring – to visit your competitors, or view photos of their operations on their website (or other sources like Google Places, etc.), to see what they are doing. Obviously you will have your own unique look and feel, and the idea here is simply to see what is going on in your industry and marketplace.

  • Interior Solutions Team

Last but certainly not least, your interior solutions team will provide you with an abundance of insight and ideas on your office redesign, and also help you understand the cost and time implications of various decisions.

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To learn more about who should have a say in your office redesign, contact the interior solutions experts at Key Interiors today. Your consultation with us is free and we will work with you to build a customized plan that achieves your collaborative vision, adheres to your schedule, and stays within your budget.

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