Interior Design 101: 6 Positive Work Environment Ideas

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positive work environment ideasCreating a positive work environment is a two-part process. How well employees get along, collaborate, and, in general, work together depends on 1) the culture of a given company, and 2) the actual physical environment employees inhabit. It’s unwise to overlook the role interior design plays in developing a functional office atmosphere. To further the point, here we’ll focus on six positive work environment ideas business owners can implement to great effect:

Compelling Artwork

As we’ve covered on our blog before, eye-catching murals can add a level of style and sophistication to any office environment. It doesn’t matter so much what type of art style you and your team prefer, but it is important that your decor dovetails with your business’s goals, ambitions, and atmosphere.

Modern Break Rooms

Professionals spend a lot of time at work, and it’s imperative that business owners take that into account in their office design. Well-maintained break rooms can go a long way toward helping your team feel at ease in the office. Typical break rooms may include a TV screen, some books related to your industry, or perhaps even a few board games. However, there’s no limit to how you can stock relaxation areas. Some companies even go so far as to include video-game systems or hammocks!

Flexible Design

Most business owners want their employees to get up from their desks and work closely with each other as the day goes on. However, if your office design doesn’t support this kind of mobile, collaborative activity, then your team members will likely stay rooted to their desks. To get your team up and going, consider adding ample furniture to your workspace. Also, make sure there are plenty of outlets available!

Sensory Stimulation

The lighting, smell, and sound levels of an office will have an impact on employee productivity one way or another. Progressive business leaders ensure that their office boasts optimal lighting (preferably from open windows), quality acoustics, and a pleasant aroma. These are small, but constructive ways to develop an upbeat office vibe.


No office –– regardless of design choice –– should be messy and cluttered. Loose papers, refuse, and dirty dishes all contribute to a slovenly mien around the workplace, and this negative look will stifle your best employees and prevent you from attracting new ones!


No one should have to go into a workplace where they don’t feel safe. As such, all offices should contain basic safety measures like security systems and fire extinguishers for emergencies. Furthermore, the best offices don’t just possess safety features, they also actively make visitors feel welcome. New environments can be intimidating –– so unless you want to scare away potential employees and/or clients –– design your office with the intention of sending positive psychological messages to your visitors.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to underestimate the influence interior design has on employee morale and efficiency. Still, experienced pros recognize its importance, and take action to help their team succeed. If you’re looking to update the look and feel of your workplace, contact the Key Interiors team today. We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes and can help you complete the renovation of your dreams! Still not sure if your office truly needs a redesign right now? Then make sure to check out our free eBook on just that subject:{{cta(‘be9ee934-8da3-4f57-9a54-072b3b5e3be0′,’justifycenter’)}}

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