How to Tell When You are Ready for an Office Renovation

November 26, 2019

how-to-tell-when-you-are-ready-for-an-office-renovation.jpgUnless they have just moved into a new space or wrapped up a design overhaul, most business owners and executives would almost certainly put an office renovation on their “nice to have”, “to be considered”, or “future plans” list.

However, there are some scenarios where an office renovation is no longer an option or an opportunity: it is an objective. Below, we highlight 4 signs that you are ready for an office renovation, and perhaps have been for quite some time:

  1. Poor Space Utilization

Poor space utilization is perhaps the most common sign that it is time for an office renovation. This does not necessarily mean that employees are “crammed in like sardines” (although this certainly does happen!). Rather, it means that space is not being effectively used – both for functional purposes, and for esthetic purposes. Ultimately, poor space utilization diminishes productivity and performance, and means that you are not getting full value from your investment.

  1. Worn Down Look & Feel

The aesthetics of an office is not a secondary consideration – it is primary, because it directly and indirectly influences everything from employee morale to customer impressions. A worn down office sends the message that your business’s best days are behind it, not ahead. Obviously that is not the case, which is why an office renovation is a must.

  1. Excessive Energy Consumption

Many offices are “bleeding money” each month because lighting and HVAC systems are inefficient. If your office is among them, then an office renovation will put a major dent in your operating costs. Depending on the specific details, you may even find that an office renovation quickly pays for itself through lower utility and energy bills.

  1. Recruitment & Retention Struggles

While office design is not the chief consideration for employees when they choose to join and stay with a company, it is certainly a factor – especially if another organization offers a similar compensation package, but has a significantly more impressive office space.

With this being said, you do not need to try and “out-renovate” your competition. And if you are a smaller business, you do not have to live in constant fear that large enterprises will steal your employees because they have more sophisticated offices. As long as you are demonstrating a commitment to making your workplace functional and employee-friendly – and this is not a costly proposition – then you will send the right message.

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