How to Master an Office Redesign in 4 Simple Steps

November 26, 2019

how to master an office redesignLet’s get logistical, baby. Transforming an office from what it currently is into what you want it to be can be a complicated process, involving numerous moving parts, contractors, and revisions along the way. Indeed, the task can prove so daunting that many companies desperately in need of a renovation put it off because they feel they don’t have the time, energy, or resources to complete one successfully. Fortunately, we can help with that. Here’s how to master an office redesign in 4 simple steps:

Determine Your Needs

Step one is identifying that you need a change in your office surroundings in some way. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve already got that far. Step two then, is figuring out what exactly you need to improve about your office. Try your best to get specific as to what issues you’re currently having with your location. Is it too small? Hard to find? Not conducive to collaboration? Too open and lacking privacy? Or is it just plain outdated? This may seem difficult at first, but taking the trouble to prioritize what about your office is letting you down is a vital step in the redesign process. Perhaps you only need to make cosmetic changes and refurbishments, in which case a costly renovation won’t provide much value. Conversely, maybe your needs have outgrown those of your location, and the best way forward is to relocate instead of sinking thousands of dollars into an ultimately fruitless redesign. See the point we’re driving at? Do this first and you’ll save money (and plenty of headaches) later as a result.

Establish Firm Parameters

Just like any other goal, the more definite you can make your office redesign ambitions, the likelier you are to experience the kind of change you want to see. By this we mean creating a budget based on what you’re willing to spend revamping your office, and setting a date for when you need your project completed. Not knowing your potential expenses or your ultimate finishing date when you begin will likely leave you twisting in the wind down the line.

Collaborate with Your Team

No business is successful without a concerted team effort behind it. And remember, the reason you should be renovating your office is to help your employees produce better results than they could’ve before. As such, it’s irresponsible to begin a workspace renovation without first collaborating with your team. Finding out what they want and need will clue you into where you should expend most of your effort. After all, what would be the point of an office redesign that didn’t address employee concerns?

Call in a Professional

Once you’ve laid out your plans for an office redesign, it’s time to call in a professional. When you partner with a dedicated design team, you won’t have to sweat the many details that contribute to an office overhaul including: furnishing rooms, soundproofing, facade refurbishment, optimizing layout, improving amenities, dealing with contractors, bathroom, break room, and lunchroom considerations –– this list does go on and on. The good news is, when you contact the Key Interiors team, we’ll help you make your office renovation dream a reality. Worried about getting a project done under a tight deadline? We’ve got you covered there too. Download our free eBook and learn how we can deliver the goods –– on time and on budget:


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