How to Eliminate Office Distractions

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office distractionsA busy, bustling office is a productive one, right? Well, not necessarily. The reality is that business owners need to be able to recognize when their employees are distracted from their work –– as well as what they can do to prevent such distractions from occurring. Remember, business leaders are responsible for ensuring their team members have everything they need to perform at their best, and an unfit office design could lead to a glut of distractions that inhibit productivity. Here then are three ways that business owners can address office distractions and eliminate them once and for all:

Prioritize Acoustics

Some professionals prefer to work in hectic, highly collaborative environments. Meanwhile, others can only focus properly in near silence and isolation. The bad news is, it’s not uncommon for business owners to employ individuals who fall into both camps. So what can a business do in such a situation? The answer lies in creating a unique layout with designated work stations that effectively cater to your team’s needs. Also, it’s a bad idea for employees to try and “drown out” ambient conversations and other noises by listening to music while they work. In many instances, that very music can prove just as distracting –– or more –– than regular office chatter! Rather, companies should strive to design offices that accommodate different teams and different types of employees.

Keep it Clean

Jumbled, cluttered desks jammed with files. An odious smell emanating from the bathroom. Bits of trash scattered throughout the break room. These “little” inconveniences can prove to be major deterrents to office productivity. As such, it’s essential for professionals to maintain a clean, efficient office space. Renovating your office might sound like a drastic step at first, but if your team can’t concentrate on their assignments, you’ll struggle to achieve any of your organization’s long-term goals in your current setup.

Encourage Personal Freedom

Modern professionals hate to be micromanaged. And, in fact, constant meetings and daily interventions from management will stifle production. It may be tempting to impose strict policies on your team –– such as limitations on phone usage or break allocations, but it’s generally a better idea to hire capable individuals and encourage autonomy. What’s more, progressive businesses stock their workspaces with plenty of creature comforts and construct welcoming break rooms and cafeterias. The more comfortable your employees feel while they’re working, the better results you can expect from them. And it’s worth noting here that regular, brief breaks for exercise or relaxation actually help people regain focus during stressful periods.

Final Thoughts

Yes, it’s the personal responsibility of all employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to prioritize work obligations while at the office. Still, business owners need to make sure that their layout and amenities boost productivity as opposed to hampering it. At Key Interiors, we appreciate the importance of office design, and we work with our partners to identify specific solutions just for them. Contact us today to get started! Plus, for more information on office renovations –– including when’s the right time to make a big change in your workspace –– check out our free eBook here: {{cta(‘be9ee934-8da3-4f57-9a54-072b3b5e3be0′,’justifycenter’)}}

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