How to Avoid These 5 Common Office Renovation Mistakes

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common office renovation mistakesMany “Reality TV” shows and websites are dedicated to taking us behind the scenes of disastrous home renovation projects – which are the kind that spiral downwards and turn into a gaping, terrifying money pit!

However, while it arguably wouldn’t make for “must-see-TV” or Gawker-like websites, the fact is that botched office renovations can be FAR more appalling. It is not just runaway costs that businesses have to control: they must also repair their damaged reputation, and possibly offer some sincere apologies to disrupted employees and inconvenienced customers.   

Below, we highlight 5 common office renovation mistakes – and then wrap up with the simplest, smartest and by far the most affordable way to avoid them:

  1. Not Having a Realistic, Robust Schedule

Businesses must have a realistic, robust schedule that minimizes – if not ideally eliminates – downtime. Every extra hour that a business remains closed or cannot use all of its space adds to the cost of an office renovation project, and there is no benefit at all for this unanticipated expense. It is all pain, and no gain.

  1. Not Planning Ahead

Many businesses make office renovation decisions based on current needs, which obviously makes sense. However, they can get so focused on tackling their “list of improvements”, that they neglect to look ahead and anticipate future changes and growth. As such, within a few years they need to renovate again.

  1. Not Taking Advantage of Value Engineering

Value engineering is a proven method that identifies options for reducing material procurement and sourcing costs, which if implemented would translate into significant cost savings. We have come across many businesses over the years that had no idea value engineering was even a possibility — because their office renovation company did not have the capacity or competence to offer it.

  1. Not Involving Employees

Many businesses overlook the fact that an office renovation is an ideal opportunity to engage employees, and get them excited and inspired about upcoming changes. Naturally, all employee suggestions will not be implemented (unfortunately, there may be no room for a foosball and ping pong table!). However, many suggestions will be actionable, including those that relate to colors, materials, designs, etc.

  1. Not Hiring Proven Professionals

Last but not least, the single biggest mistake that businesses make is not hiring PROVEN professionals.

We emphasize PROVEN, because virtually all renovation companies will claim to be professional; including those that would never be considered for a high-profile job. However, not all renovation companies can honestly claim to be PROVEN and back this up with evidence (e.g. testimonials, case studies, references, gallery photos, etc.).

The costs and consequences of going with amateurs or unproven professionals can be nothing short of catastrophic. Indeed, over the years we have been called many times by frenetic business owners who asked us to come in and fix what their (former) office renovation company did wrong. While we are always ready to help, we are never “happy” about this situation, because we do not delight in our clients’ misfortune. We would much rather they work with professionals from the outset, whether that is us or any other PROVEN, reputable company.

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At Key Interiors, we ensure that our clients avoid these costly mistakes, and bring their office renovation vision to life on time and on budget. To learn more, contact us today.

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