How an Office Renovation Boosts Employee Morale

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how-an-office-renovation-boosts-employee-moraleIf you think that employee morale is important but not essential to the bottom line – then think again. An article featured on concluded that:

Less engaged [employees] are less productive, less customer-focused and prone to withdrawing their efforts and adopting counterproductive behaviour. This may manifest itself as neglect, gossiping, theft and other disruptive behaviour. Ultimately, they’ll leave — whether it’s a recession or a period of growth.

And perhaps even more worrisome – and costly – is the notion that some of these disengaged, destructive employees won’t actually leave. Rather, they’ll stick around and create a toxic work environment that infects other employees; especially new hires who need to be guided and mentored.

In light of the above, organizations need to find ways to lift their employees’ spirits and re-energize them; especially if the day-to-day work experience is inherently stressful and hectic. And one of the best and most impactful ways they’re achieving this critical goal is through an office renovation.

Below, we highlight the 3 key ways of how an office renovation boosts employee morale:

1. An Office Renovation Promotes Collaboration and Interaction

Most traditional workspaces function to keep employees and teams apart – which can be a recipe for disengagement and disconnection. An office renovation that creates more open, shared workspaces (while still offering private meeting areas for groups and teams that need it) can enhance collaborate and interaction, while also promoting cohesion, teamwork and harmony.

2. An Office Renovation Enhances Ergonomics  

Ergonomics is the study of designing, selecting, and arranging office equipment and work environments in alignment with what employees do well. And as reported by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, good ergonomics is also critical for boosting and maintaining high morale. An office renovation that achieves ergonomic-related improvements will therefore make employees happier, healthier and more productive.

3. An Office Renovation Unleashes the Power of Chromatics

Most offices have a familiar and, frankly, drab color scheme that is dominated by grey and off-white shades. These colors were categorically not chosen in light of chromatics (i.e. the scientific study of color), but because it was the most cost effective and easiest to sell. However, color does indeed make a huge difference on emotional health and wellness, and an office renovation is the ideal opportunity to make some simple, yet profound esthetic improvements that positively impact employee morale.

The Bottom Line

Most employees spend more waking time at their office than they do anywhere else, and it’s not hard to see how an office renovation will boost employee morale – while also impressing customers and partners.

To learn more about re-inventing your space so that it supports your people and enhances overall productivity, performance and profitability, contact the experts here at Key Interiors today and take advantage of your free consultation.

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