How a “Healthy Office Renovation” Can Boost Employee Morale & Efficiency

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office renovationWhile enhancing brand image and impressing customers are two big reasons for moving ahead with an office renovation, there are other welcomed benefits as well, such as boosting employee morale and efficiency. And the simplest, smartest and most cost-effective way to achieve this goal is by ensuring that your office renovation supports employee health and wellness. 

To point you in the right direction, below are 5 ways that you can achieve a “healthy office renovation”:

  1. Help employees reduce eyestrain

Most employees spend a significant – and frankly, unhealthy – amount of time staring at various screens (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.). And while today’s screens are generally better than they were a few years ago, the fact is that all of this staring can lead to painful eyestrain and, in some cases, lead to vision problems that require medical attention and treatment.

To avoid this, as part of your healthy office renovation consider adding a few windows and/or hanging artwork that allows your employees to spend at least a few minutes every few hours (although more is better) giving their eyes a rest, and gazing at something other than a screen! 

  1. Improve lighting

Another highly beneficial piece of the healthy office renovation puzzle is to improve lighting, which can include replacing fluorescent lights with crisp, luminous and energy-efficient LEDs. You can also install lights in select locations so that they minimize glare and provide ample brightness. 

  1. Introduce breakout spaces

Breakout spaces are small “zones” that allow employees to sit, relax or even meditate for a few minutes so they can recharge their batteries. If possible, it’s usually a good idea to create breakout spaces near lunchrooms, stairwells or elevators, since those are high traffic areas that are typically far enough away from conventional work areas (or else employees will be doing work in breakout spaces instead of relaxing and recharging!).

  1. Improve traffic flows

Employees who have to needlessly go out of their way – possibly because they need to navigate large filing cabinets or oversized cubicles – may be getting a very tiny workout, but the stress and frustration factors overshadows any superficial health benefit. By improving traffic flows and putting resources within easy reach (e.g. centralized printers, shredders, etc.), employees will get more done in less time – and lower their stress levels!

  1. Bring Mother Nature indoors

While there is no need to turn your environment into a greenhouse, it is certainly beneficial to add some greenery both for aesthetics, and also because it will improve the indoor air quality. Indeed, common houseplants like Ivy are excellent for removing airborne pollutants, while increasing oxygen levels and overall hydration.

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To learn more about the benefits of a healthy office renovation, and how to design a change that boosts your bottom-line and your employees’ morale and efficiency, contact Key Interiors today. Your consultation with us is free.

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