6 Ways to Quickly Improve a Boring Office

November 26, 2019

boring officeFor some professionals, going to work is like entering an Orwellian nightmare. The cubicles are small and uniform. The lights fluorescent and harsh. The color scheme is drab and gray. There’s little-to-no artwork, and the break room –– if there even is one –– is criminally understocked. In short, they work in a boring office. And, unsurprisingly, most people fail to reach their full potential when placed in an environment that’s not conducive to creativity. In fact, rather than cutting down on distractions, boring, outdated workspaces are more likely to cause employees’ minds to wander. To alleviate some common office woes, consider implementing any one of these six tactics:

Open Your Windows

It’s no secret that people love natural light. Our minds and bodies simply function better when we’re exposed to sunlight. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost any time, effort, or money to open the blinds once in a while!

Buy Some Plants

Plants, much like natural light, will boost the appearance of a workspace. What’s more, plants can also improve air quality and liven up dull rooms and areas.

Designate Creative Spaces

Though your business may not desire a full open-office plan, it’s still possible to rearrange your current setup to encourage collaboration and creativity. Designating areas or shared workstations that allow team members to bounce ideas off each other will promote chatter and inspire your staff.


Business owners shouldn’t underestimate the effect color can have on their employees’ psyche. Ugly, beige paint jobs, then, won’t do much to motivate your team. If it’s been a few years since you last painted, now might be the perfect time to try something new.

Add Creature Comforts

Perverse as it may sound, regular breaks will actually bolster employee engagement and prevent burnout. In order to facilitate better breaks, make sure to equip your break room and lunch areas with amenities that will help your team members unwind. TVs, video-game systems, books, puzzles, board games –– any and all of these additions are fabulous ways to enhance employee morale and production.

Commission New Art

Some progressive business owners eschew regular “corporate” art and instead let an artist use their walls as a canvas to create a dynamic mural. Even if you don’t adopt this method, new art in any form can lift the mood around your office.

The Bottom Line

The way your office looks not only will have a big impact on the efficiency of your team members –– it could influence nearly every aspect of your business. From attracting new clients and team members, to employee retention, to company culture, your office design is a reflection of your business’s ideals and goals. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your current workspace, contact the Key Interiors team today. We have experience working with a myriad of different businesses and know how to ensure your office redesign provides substantive value. And for more information on how our team will keep your project under budget and delivered on time, check out our free eBook here: {{cta(‘fe462ba7-e1b7-40f2-8692-91e01a26aac5′,’justifycenter’)}}

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