6 Office Redesign Tips to Transform Your Workspace

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office redesignOne of the most rewarding outcomes of an office redesign is that you can literally transform your workspace into an environment that is dramatically more productive, efficient, energized and positive – which is a win for everyone: your employees, your customers, and your organization as a whole.

Below, we highlight 6 popular office redesign tips to transform your workspace:

  1. Adopt an Open and Collaborative Space

An open and collaborative space is one that minimizes or eliminates barriers (walls, cubicles) so that employees can share resources more efficiently, and communicate and interact more effectively. As a welcome by-product, open and collaborative spaces also typically use less energy (electricity and heat), because of the improved airflow.

  1. Implement Breakout Spaces

Breakout spaces are essentially small, strategically deployed open and collaborative zones where employees can informally connect, confer and if they wish, relax and unwind as well. These spaces are usually found near lunch rooms, stairwells, elevators, and other high traffic areas.

  1. Bring in some Mother Nature

Adding more plants and flowers to the environment can instantly transform look and feel, while it also helps make the workspace greener and healthier, too. Indeed, good old fashioned household plants like Ivy are great for removing pollutants from the air, increasing oxygen levels, and adding humidity as well.

  1. Create Play Areas

All work and no play is not just a recipe for dullness: it can adversely affect employee health and wellness, and dampen creativity. To avoid this scenario, many businesses are creating “play areas” populated with everything from ping pong tables, to pinball machines, to foosball tables and so on.

  1. Add More Natural Light

Adding widows and/or skylights is a excellent way to transform your workspace, and ensure that your office renovation is the “investment that keeps on giving” – since it will help your employees be more alert and attentive while they are at work, and will (believe it or not) actually help them enjoy more restful, quality sleep at night!

And while you are improving lighting quality: replacing fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LEDs lighting is an excellent way to transform your office and support your employees.

  1. Create Private Spaces

Another increasingly popular office redesign option – especially for businesses that are adopting an open/collaborative layout – is to create private spaces, which are sometimes called “privacy zones” or “privacy pods”. As the name suggests, these are areas where employees can have private meetings or conversations. However, unlike formal meeting rooms, these private spaces are less formal and can be used for spontaneous “spur of the moment” meetings, too.

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To discover more office redesign tips to transform your office, contact the interior solutions specialists at Key Interiors today. We have over 30 years of experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Your consultation with us is free.

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