5 Reasons to Consider Installing Modular Office Walls

November 26, 2019

modular office wallsAn office redesign is a big project –– no matter your industry or budget. Indeed, choosing to renovate your current workspace is one of the most important decisions any business owner could make. And because redesigns are such large undertakings, many professionals are turning to modular office walls as an alternative to traditional construction methods. But are modular walls a good idea for your operation? Here are five reasons you should at least consider them for your office redesign:

Modular Walls are Quick to Set Up

No business owner can afford an office renovation project to interfere with their everyday operations. Modular walls, fortunately, take much less time to build and install than their traditional counterparts. So they’ll help professionals complete a redesign under a tight schedule.

Modular Walls are Cost-Effective

Just as modular walls require less construction time, they also cost less than constructing permanent walls. The expenses associated with a redesign can add up quickly, so modular walls can offer a solution to business owners looking to cut back on construction outlays.

Modular Walls are Flexible

The most unique feature about modular walls, of course, is that you can adjust, move, and customize them as you see fit. Business owners who are transitioning into a new space, but don’t know quite how they want to arrange their layout yet, may want to think about utilizing modular walls in the interim. In addition, modular walls help businesses scale and adapt on an as-needed basis. Instead of knocking down or adding walls constantly, growing companies can simply break down or add a modular wall to accommodate new employees or designs.

Modular Walls Boost Productivity

Want to introduce a few private work spaces within an open office design? Then modular walls could be the perfect solution. By segmenting employees, business leaders can increase the organization levels within their workspace and make it easier for new team members to adjust as well. Lastly, since modular walls are so flexible, you can decide to take them down or put them up based on the needs and preferences of your staff.

Modular Walls are Eco-Friendly

Not only are modular walls less expensive than traditional wall fixtures, but they also take less of a toll on the environment. Plus, modular walls are a breeze to set up and install, which means that you won’t have to deal with collections of dirt and dust polluting your office air for weeks after construction!

The Bottom Line

Modular office walls are still a relatively new facet of modern office design, and while they may strike some professionals as odd, there’s no doubt they provide several tangible advantages. At Key Interiors, we have years of experience helping businesses in myriad industries –– so we know when to suggest innovative features like modular walls, and when to stick to classic design elements. Contact us here and let us help you craft the perfect office design for your organization! Plus, to learn more about how we ensure that all of our projects stay on budget and on schedule, check out our free eBook here:{{cta(‘fe462ba7-e1b7-40f2-8692-91e01a26aac5′,’justifycenter’)}}

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