4 Ways How an Office Redesign Can Make Employees Happier & More Productive

November 26, 2019

office redesignFinding ways to make your employees happier isn’t just good manners – it’s also good strategy! Indeed, as reported by Fast Company, happier workers are 12 percent more productive than their (unhappy) counterparts. And a study by researchers at Kansas State University concluded that: “When employees have high levels of psychological well-being and job satisfaction, they perform better and are less likely to leave their job — making happiness a valuable tool for maximizing organizational outcomes.” 

In light of the above, here are 4 ways that an office redesign can make your employees happier and more productive:

1. Align Design with Team Workflows and Requirements

While esthetics are very important and must be part of the design discussion, function should be the primary consideration for your office redesign. As such, consult teams to learn what they need and why. For example, some teams (such as marketing) may benefit from an open/collaborative space, while others (such as QA or HR) may need a more traditional environment, since they are regularly handling sensitive information. All of these factors should be taken into consideration and, when practical and sensible to do so, implemented as part of the office redesign plan.

2. Leverage Color Therapy to Boost Mood

Color therapy is based on the link between certain colors and color combinations, to moods and psychological wellness. As such, choosing certain colors for wall coverings, flooring, furniture, and artwork can positively impact morale and energy levels.

3. Let the Sunshine In!

It is common for windows to be partially blocked by furniture, such as cubicle walls, filing cabinets, or sometimes stacks of books or files. Moving these items to another location will allow natural sunlight to permeate the work environment – which has been shown to boost both emotional and physical health. What’s more, this change is extremely cost-effective, since the windows already exist; it is just a matter of taking full advantage of them.

4. Create Breakout Spaces

Breakout spaces are small, strategically located “zones” in common traffic areas (e.g. near elevators, stairwells, the lunchroom, etc.), in which employees can call a time-out and recharge their batteries – which certainly goes a long way to making them happier and more productive. Breakout spaces usually have comfortable furniture like couches and zero-gravity chairs, and elements like plants, flowers, artistic floor coverings, special lighting, and so on.

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