4 Questions to Ask Before Beginning an Office Renovation

November 26, 2019

4-questions-to-ask-before-beginning-an-office-renovation.jpgRegardless of whether you want to make better use of your existing space or are “bursting at the seams” because of recent hiring activity, an office renovation is certainly a good news story for your business, your employees, and even your customers who find this kind of development impressive. After all, we all like doing business with companies that visibility demonstrate that they are investing in their stability and success.

However, before you pull out a measuring tape, start browsing through office furniture and fixture possibilities, or as your employees to share their suggestions on colors and designs, at Key Interiors we recommend that you hit the “pause” button and ask yourself the following 4 questions before beginning an office renovation:

  1. What are your goals?

An office renovation can go in virtually any direction. For example, you can almost magically “find” new space that you did not think existed, you can dramatically improve esthetics and appeal, you can improve collaboration and interaction among your employees, and so on. It is wise to clearly identify your goals from the outset, and move forward from there.

  1. What is your budget?

This is a challenging question to answer, because in the very early stages of your office renovation (or more technically, during the pre-office renovation stage), you may not be aware of what options are available – and how much they might cost. However, it is still prudent to have a general budget framework/range in mind, which can help you focus on viable possibilities.

For example, there are things that simply cannot be done with a budget of $15,000 that can easily be done with a budget of $150,000. If your budget is closer to $15,000 than $150,000 – which is perfectly fine — then it is a waste of your valuable time to explore options that, while desirable, are simply not feasible due to cost limitations.

  1. What is your timeline?

While cost is always a priority – as it should be – you have another key factor to consider when it comes to your office renovation: how long your business may need to be shut down for as you make improvements. Obviously, you want any disruption to your staff and/or customers to be minimal. Getting a sense of your timeline helps you understand both when you want the office renovation to occur (e.g. during the summer when a significant number of employees will be on vacation), and your tolerance for shutting down operations for the office renovation to take place.

  1. Who is on your team?

Generally speaking an office renovation team should include:

  • A principle or principles from your business. These do not necessarily need to be the CEO or founder, but should be someone with executive-level authority who can speak on behalf of your business.
  • A coordinator who can receive and route communications, which helps keep things efficient and streamlined.
  • Your office renovation partner, who handles all aspect of project management and is ultimately responsible for turning you expectations into reality on time, on budget, and in scope.

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