3 Tips for Creating a Cohesive Facility Plan

October 26, 2023

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It is crucial for any modern office space to have a well-designed facility plan to maintain functionality and productivity during a workday. “Facility planning” is a term used to describe the process commercial organizations use to ensure they have the facilities and related resources necessary to meet company goals. In other words, facility planning is the decision-making process used by business leaders like yourself to ensure your workspace can withstand the test of time. Whether you’re building a new office from scratch or redesigning an existing space, today we will be sharing a few tips for creating a cohesive facility plan to help you maximize profits and support your employees!

1. Set Clear Goals

As with any residential or commercial interior design project, the key to successfully creating a cohesive facility plan is to set clear goals regarding your specific intentions for your space.  This includes ensuring your office space will suit the space requirements and needs of current employees and also function well as your company experiences future growth.

2. Plan Ahead

Whether creating a facility plan for a brand new office or working to improve the existing plan for your current state, it is crucial to give yourself plenty of time to create and implement your plan. By documenting your precise objectives and goals for your space, you can begin to conduct a risk assessment of potential plans, which can help you maximize both time and money throughout the project. This is also important as it allows you time to seek input from employees or key stakeholders within your organization who might be impacted by a new facility plan; for example, seeking input or approval from employees who will experience new working policies such as flexible seating options or a smaller individual workspace.

3. Get To Work

Once you have taken the time to set goals for your facility plan and made a plan for achieving them, it’s time to get to work! Working with an experienced design and construction team who understands facility planning will help you meet your goals and is the key to ensuring you are able to create a functional, cohesive workspace.

With our regionally-based teams in IL and OH, Key Interiors Design has helped hundreds of commercial and industrial clients turn their dreams into reality when it comes to architectural plans, interior design, construction, and facility planning. If you’re ready to maximize functionality, productivity, and employee satisfaction within your space, it’s time to give the experts at Key Interiors a call! Click here to get in touch with us and to get started on your facility design project today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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