3 Ideas for a More Creative Office Design

November 26, 2019

creative office designExecutives and managers who believe that creative office design is merely an optional “nice-to-haves” should think again – because creative workspaces can reduce absenteeism and turnover, drive retention and efficiency, boost performance and productivity, and increase revenues and customer satisfaction. In other words, creative office design is great for the bottom line!

What’s more, there is no need to turn your workplace into an environment in which Dr. Seuss would feel right at home. For example, you do not have to follow Google’s lead and install a slide that lets employees whisk down to lower floors. And while it would certainly generate an immense amount of positive buzz and more than a few headlines, you do not need to copy Infosys’ and construct a bowling alley in your office. Similarly, if you wish you can steer clear of putting a swing set in your office as Box has done.  

Rather, you can foster a more creative office design in a manner that is suitable for your environment, culture, brand and marketplace. To point you in the right direction, here are some down-to-earth (read: slide-less, bowling alley-less and swing-less) options:

1. Create Open Spaces

Minimize or eliminate cubicles — which can be quite expensive, and employees generally loathe them anyway – and unleash an open, collaborative space. What’s more, with the right office design plan and approach, you can ensure that there is enough privacy for employees who need it, while policies can be put in place to keep noise levels at appropriate levels.  

2. Let the Sunshine In

Allowing more sunlight into the environment – or full spectrum lighting if the real stuff is not available due to the proximity of other buildings, lack of windows, etc. – is more than just a way to boost creativity. Researchers at the Interdepartmental Neuroscience program at Northwestern University in Chicago found a strong relationship between workplace daylight exposure and employees’ sleep, activity and quality of life.  

3. Add Chalkboard Walls

Another high-impact, low-cost way to foster a creative office design is by adding chalkboard walls to your lunch room, break room or meeting room. As noted by The OfficeZilla Blog, “chalkboard walls bring an element of playfulness into your break room. With a variety of chalk colors your employees can leave notes as well as share their artistic talents.”

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