3 Car Dealership Renovation Best Practices

November 26, 2019

car dealership renovationIt’s natural to assume that given the rise of digital media over the past twenty years people would value online interactions more than face-to-face meetings. However, that assumption is incorrect. Rather, most customers prefer interacting with a human being –– especially when making a big decision. This is one reason why car dealerships continue to thrive, despite the abundance of online intel relating to cars and car ownership. Deep down, people want to “talk it out” in person. As such, the physical layout of your dealership is an important aspect of your business’s performance. After all, if your dealership design is letting you down, you could be losing out on any number of sales as a result. To that end, here are three car dealership renovation best practices –– to help you court more customers and focus on closing more deals than ever before! 

Schedule and Budget Wisely

As mentioned above, the brick-and-mortar aspect of a car dealership is one of its great assets. Unfortunately, that makes planning a dealership redesign tricky. In brief, if you have to close your location for renovations, you won’t be able to make any money during that period. While other businesses may be able to close shop for a while and transition online, most car dealerships can’t afford that luxury. Thus, it’s imperative to work out a schedule that enables you to continue business as usual –– without sacrificing elements of a much-needed redesign. What’s more, how you decide to schedule your renovation could have an effect on your budget. (It costs more money to pay contractors to work after hours, for instance.) So while it may not be the most scintillating part of the process, you need to figure out the logistics of your renovation before you move forward.

Cater to Your Customers

Who are your customers? In one sense, your customer is anyone who walks onto your lot. But in general, most car dealerships have a demographic (or multiple demographics) that consistently brings in good business. Maybe your bread-and-butter is moving family-oriented vehicles; or perhaps your focus is more on selling high-end sports cars; or maybe even economically sound used cars. Whatever your speciality, you should have your customers in mind when renovating your workspace. Create an atmosphere they’ll likely find appealing. Whether that means adding free WiFi, a family break room, or a snack bar –– your decor choices should be based on your customers’ needs. Do that, and your renovation will likely prove a hit.

Sweat the Small Stuff

The longer a visitor stays at your location, the higher your odds are of making a sale. Given that principle, it’s fundamental to your success that your dealership design covers all the bases. The sights, smells, and sounds of your locale should all be welcoming and work to draw people in. Remember: any amenity or creature comfort that improves the relations between your sales team and your customer base –– no matter how trivial it may seem –– is a sound investment.

The Bottom Line

Pulling off a successful redesign can feel like an intense juggling act. You have to consider your budget, your customers’ needs, your employees’ concerns, the schedule, unforeseen delays, added expenses, and any potential inconveniences that may arise. Or you, can contact the Key Interiors team instead. We’ll work with you to provide you with a plan that makes sense for your business. And we’ll make sure the renovation process goes as smoothly as possible. We’ve got years of professional experience and know how to make your office design dream a reality. Plus, to see how we’ll deliver your project on time and on budget, download our free eBook here:


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