Car Dealership Design: How to Wow Your Customers

November 26, 2019

car dealership designIn the past going to the car dealership was a delightful day out. After all, what could be more exciting than purchasing your own car? Unfortunately, though, too often modern-day customers don’t experience that same “wow factor” consumers in the past felt for automobiles and car dealerships. So how can you recapture some of that spirit and impress your customers at the same time? The answer is down to innovative car dealership design. And you can begin revamping your car dealership by following these five simple steps:


Upgrade Your Tech

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that installing new and better technologies will improve customer experience. After all, what industry couldn’t benefit from it? In the instance of car dealerships though, tech can mean everything from the WiFi signal to the coffee machine. You want your customers to feel comfortable spending their afternoon with you –– so work to make your space as welcoming as possible. That includes (but is not limited to) comfortable chairs, easy-access internet, snacks, and any other creature comforts your customers might enjoy. Whatever helps keep them in the dealership will only improve your chances of making a sale.


Transparency is Key

Simply put, car salesmen want their customers to trust them. The modern consumer is better informed than they’ve ever been before, and it’s vital to establish a good rapport with them the second they walk in the door. Fortunately, having big windows that allow for natural light and making sure that your door is always open –– literally –– during office hours can help win over skeptical customers.


Have Something for Everyone

Buying a car takes a long time; in truth, it’s about the second or third biggest purchase the average person will make over a period of several years. And because dealerships require patience from a wide variety of people, you should equip your space accordingly. Setting aside an area so young children can watch TV or play video games is just one innovative way to spruce up your car dealership design.


Be Clean and Clutter Free

This should go without saying, but your dealership should be spotless. Not only do you need to eliminate any clutter within the viewing areas, but your office should project an orderly professional look. And make it a priority to switch out air filters and fresheners regularly. It could prove the difference between making a sale and missing out.


Speak to a Professional

If you’re having trouble getting customers through the door, or if you’ve wanted to rejuvenate your car dealership design for a while but don’t know where to start –– contact the Key Interiors team today! We can help you bring the wow factor back to your dealership, no matter what stage of the redesign process you find yourself. And for more information on how to keep your renovation on schedule –– and on budget –– download our free eBook today.


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