The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Office Design for Gen Z

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commercial office design for Gen zWhere does the time go? Though many of us already in professional environments may be loathe to consider it, huge numbers of young people within Generation Z are poised to enter the workforce. Indeed, the oldest members of Gen Z are about to graduate from college, and as such, business owners need to adapt and adjust to this new breed of employee. With that in mind, today we’re going to focus on how companies can make their office spaces more inviting to young people. Consider this your ultimate guide to commercial office design for Gen Z:

Like Millennials, but More So

The good news for companies who’ve prioritized office design for Millennials is that members of Gen Z share a number of traits with their Millennial predecessors. Obviously, both generations exhibit a penchant for technology usage, and, in general, members of both will feel comfortable adapting to new updates and upgrades. That should be music to a business owner’s ears since there are a number of ways to integrate new tech within their office design. As such, modern offices can install communal tablets, interactive screens, and other tech upgrades that facilitate good work without having to worry about extensive training for new staff members.

Value Function Over Flash

Unlike Millennials, members of Gen Z grew up during times of financial hardship and recession. Perhaps it’s not surprising then that a majority of young people are characterized by pragmatic, value-based habits. Gaudy interior design choices then that expresses opulence or unnecessary pomp will likely turn off new members of the workforce. Remember, these youngsters’ formative years were dominated by the 2008 Recession –– it’s not surprising they don’t associate flashy corporate displays with positive memories.

Encourage Multitasking

Generation Z is intimately familiar with the iPhone and all of the distractions that come along with it. One key benefit habitual contact with technology provides is the improved ability to multitask. (Though it comes at the expense of a shortened attention span.) To that point, business owners should seek to create workspaces that allow young employees to tackle multiple assignments at once. Utilizing wall space, larger desks, or even multiple monitors at the same time can all aid members of Gen Z do what they do best –– take on a myriad of tasks at once.

Don’t Coddle

Members of Gen Z seem to be quite the independent group. They value personal space and are more than comfortable interacting remotely. It may prove a wise play then for companies to form offices that allow employees to spend plenty of time in their own heads. Sure, designating rooms and areas for face-to-face collaboration will always carry value; but business owners don’t need to coddle Gen Z employees. Rather, once they have the tools for the job, members of Gen Z often display great levels of self-motivation. Business owners should look to harness those skills ––as opposed to inhibiting them with their office design choices.

The Bottom Line

Businesses can ensure their continued viability by looking to adapt and change along with the world around them. True, it can be difficult to predict what the next five (let alone twenty or thirty) years will be like. Nevertheless, progressive entrepreneurs know when to shake things up around the office. Contact the Key Interiors team if you’re ready to make big changes to your workspace. Plus, to know for sure when your business needs a renovation, check out our free eBook here:{{cta(‘be9ee934-8da3-4f57-9a54-072b3b5e3be0′,’justifycenter’)}}

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