Should Your Office Design Include Glass Wall Systems?

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Glass Wall SystemsAn increasing number of businesses in all sectors and industries are choosing glass wall systems instead of cubicles or walls for their office design configuration. In this article, we will focus on some of the benefits and limitations of this option for office design.

Benefits of Glass Wall Systems

  • Enhanced Privacy: Glass wall systems encapsulate and enclose a space, which ensures that conversations cannot be overheard (unintentionally or otherwise) by anyone outside of the area. This factor is especially important for businesses that routinely have sensitive or confidential conversations with customers or clients. At the same time, tinting films or blinds can be used to create visual privacy when required or desired.
  • Sleek Esthetics: Glass wall systems have a sleek, modern look that many progressive businesses find appealing, and many customers/visitors find impressive.
  • Demonstrated Openness: Many businesses promote and tout transparency, and glass wall systems are a very clear (no pun intended!) symbol and reminder of this commitment. Instead of employees — including managers and executives — being holed away behind walls, partitions and other barriers, everyone is “out in the open” and visible.
  • Team Unity: Glass wall systems promote team unity and togetherness, since employees can see their colleagues (even if they cannot hear or interact with them). This can go a long way towards enhancing engagement and even improving retention/recruitment efforts.
  • Extra Light: Glass wall systems enable light — especially natural sunlight — to flow through the environment. Aside from giving employees an energetic boost and creating a more uplifting environment, this can also help cut down on utility and heating bills.  
  • Easy Maintenance: Unlike cubicle partitions that can get stained or retain odors, glass wall systems are easy to maintain and keep clean.

Limitations of Glass Wall Systems

  • Cost: The primary limitation with glass wall systems is that they are relatively more expensive to implement than cubicles. With this being said, businesses aren’t obligated to install them across the entire environment. For example, they can provide glass wall systems to staff that require private spaces, executives, etc. Or, they can create a block of glass wall offices that can be booked/used by employees on an as-needed basis.
  • Space: While glass wall systems can be customized to fit any space, all else being equal, they take up more room than cubicles. This may be a key factor for businesses that are already struggling with space optimization.

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