Modern Office Spaces: Chicago is Ahead of The Curve

July 26, 2023

modern office spaces Chicago

Chicago is widely considered to be one of the trendiest cities in the modern United States, a title their office spaces proudly showcase. From research laboratories to film studios and all types of offices in between, when it comes to modern office spaces, Chicago is ahead of the curve.

Key Interiors has decades of experience in office design, construction, and renovation in the greater Chicago area. While the wide variety of office spaces in Chicago are vastly different in function, many share common design themes. Today, we will be discussing some of the most common modern design trends that can be found in numerous office spaces around Chicago!

Open Work Spaces

One of the biggest trends in modern offices is incorporating an open-concept design into any workspace in order to encourage collaboration and communication among employees. Gone are the days of isolated cubicles or lonely offices! When it comes to open-concept office spaces, many businesses throughout the city and surrounding suburbs are utilizing this design concept.


Floor-to-ceiling mirrors can make any space look bigger and more open, yet they are a design trend that is often overlooked and underutilized when it comes to office spaces. Chicago is home to many offices that utilize large mirrors in order to open up a space and make it appear larger. From traditional corporate offices to testing laboratories and every space in between, mirrors can tie a space together and make it appear bigger to help make inhabitants feel more comfortable.

Comfortable Furniture

While many traditional office spaces feature outdated or uncomfortable furniture, many offices in Chicago offer an exception. The more modern office spaces Chicago boasts incorporate comfortable furniture such as ergonomic chairs, couches, and even unconventional furniture like yoga balls into office spaces, break rooms, and other areas. When it comes to comfort, there shouldn’t be a shortage of it in your office.

Natural Lighting

Research shows that bright, fluorescent lighting typically found in many office spaces can have a negative impact on employee productivity and overall mental and emotional health in the workplace. Natural lighting, on the other hand, can serve as a natural stress reliever and a more relaxing option for employees. In Chicago, many offices are utilizing large windows to create a considerable amount of natural light as well as office lights that mimic natural sunlight in order to add a more comfortable element to office design.

When it comes to modern office spaces Chicago has a growing list. With over a decade of experience serving the Chicago area, Key Interiors can transform any office space and create the most functional, visually appealing modern office space possible. To learn more about the design, construction, and furniture services we offer and to see why we stand out from competitors in our area, contact us today!

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