Lunchroom Renovations: 3 Solutions to Common Design Problems

November 26, 2019

lunchroom renovationsLet no one ever underestimate the power a good meal has to restore and invigorate a stressed-out employee. Indeed, whether we realize it or not, the way we choose to take our meals can have a big effect on our health, mood, and productivity. Given those facts, it’s easy to see why many forward-thinking companies take their lunchroom renovations seriously. Wondering what you can do to give your cafeteria or lunchroom an update? Here are three design ideas to help you get started tackling common business lunchroom issues:

Your Lunchroom Shouldn’t be Your Break Room

Unfortunately many businesses lack the space they’d like to have. It’s not surprising then, that so many business owners are looking for ways to save space in their offices. Dealing with a cramped office environment isn’t ideal for most companies, after all. One “solution,” many business owners arrive at is combining their break room with their lunchroom. If at all possible, avoid this practice. Your break room and your cafeteria serve different purposes, and molding them together will lessen the impact they could (and should) have separately.

Plan for Meetings

Modern office design needs to reflect the habits and activities of the modern employee. And since Millennial workers value flexibility from their workplaces, your lunchroom should be built with work and collaboration in mind. Setting up areas where employees can entertain prospective clients, customers, or other visitors is one progressive way to make your cafeteria more work-friendly. As is making sure that your WiFi access extends to cover your entire lunchroom. Additionally, constructing tables or chairs near outlets will help your team members stay plugged-in (literally) wherever they go.

Embrace Good Vibes

Lunchrooms should be places where people enjoy spending time. So everything about your dining area –– from the carpet fabric, to the color scheme, to the lighting –– should be both welcoming and inviting. New employees will be wowed when you show them the amenities in a newly refurbished lunchroom, and your seasoned pros will appreciate the change in atmosphere. And after all, a lunchroom –– like every other area in a corporate office –– should be an extension of your business’s culture. That’s why it’s essential to create a space that your employees will appreciate; a good dining area should accommodate relaxation, socializing, and networking. The more time your team spends together bonding over meals, the better off your company will be in the long run.

The Bottom Line

It’s understandable why some companies may not have prioritized their dining rooms in the past. During difficult economic periods, it can be tough to justify investing in a large scale lunchroom renovation. However, progressive entrepreneurs understand that unless every part of a company is handled with care, it’s virtually impossible to create the kind of conditions that breed success. Contact the Key Interiors team today and learn how we can make your lunchroom –– or bathroom, or break room –– as exciting and vibrant as the rest of your operation. Not sure if your work cafe needs a re-think? Then download our free eBook here and learn how to determine when it’s time to call the pros and schedule a renovation:  


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