How To Solve Common Issues with Car Dealership Design

November 26, 2019

car dealership designAs anyone who’s worked in sales can attest, location matters a great deal when it comes to closing a deal. People react differently given the different situations they find themselves in; it’s only natural. You don’t comport yourself in a church they same way you would at the gym, after all. That’s why it’s essential when designing a car dealership that you create an atmosphere where your customers feel comfortable. The more at ease your customers are, the better chances you have at making a sale. To that end, today we’ll discuss several common problems in car dealership design, and how you can correct them:

Layout Confusion

The last thing you want to see at your dealership is a frustrated or confused customer. And while you obviously can’t please everyone who walks through your doors, your dealership layout shouldn’t cause your customers a headache. Make sure that your layout is easy to navigate, and that salespeople are readily available to speak with incoming visitors. The longer your customers wander unattended, the less likely you’ll win their business.

Lack of Amenities

Buying a car is a big decision for most people. Indeed, after a house, it’s probably the most expensive purchase a person may make in years. As such, dealers need to prepare to accommodate people for hours if need be. Not only that, but many individuals who go to buy a car usually bring along a spouse, friend, or other relative with them. Ensure that you have plenty of drinks and snacks available to them while you’re hammering out the details of a lease. Also, effective free WiFi is a must for any customer-based business in 2018.

Bathroom Blues

Unlike other businesses, good car dealership design needs to account for customers spending hours at your location. With this in mind, it’s imperative that everything about your operation projects professionalism. An unkempt or unsanitary bathroom can destroy all sorts of goodwill you’ve worked to engender with a customer. Make sure your bathrooms and your other private areas are clean and well-organized. And pay attention to the smells pervading your entire dealership. They affect people’s moods more than you’d think.

Tacky Decor

If we’re over-stressing this point it’s because it’s so vital to creating a car dealership with a healthy atmosphere: lose anything that makes your office seem less professional. Tacky gimmicks might seem like a good idea to catch people’s attention, but it won’t actually help you make any sales. Rather, it’ll more likely turn potential customers off.

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