How to Design a Modern Dental Clinic

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Design a dental clinicIn your dental clinic, you may have started to notice an increasing gap between the lead-edge solutions you offer – such as invisible braces, same-day dental crowns, and so on – and the overall look and feel of your office. In other words: it may be time for a renovation!

However, before you start exploring furniture catalogs and looking at color samples, it is important to take a step back and focus on 3 key fundamental aspects that will combine to create the modern, impressive and even more profitable dental clinic you desire:

  1. Understand Your Core Goals

When patients visit your dental clinic for the first time in search of “a new and better look”, naturally you do not start off the relationship by describing options. Rather, you get to know their personalities, preferences, aspirations, goals and lifestyle, and use this information to identify the right mix of possible solutions.

In the same way, before you dive into renovation options, start by looking at your clinic’s goals and objectives. Do you want to improve the waiting area with respect to size, comfort, aesthetics – or possibly all three? Or perhaps you want to improve lighting and airflow, which can really improve team morale and help with recruitment and retention.

Regardless of your unique requirements, the advice here is to start by identifying your goals before jumping head-first into issues like colors, materials, styles, and so on. Even though that is a creative and fun process, your business goals should drive your design and renovation: not the other way around.

  1. Focus on Space Utilization

Space utilization does not mean that you use every bit of available space for a functional purpose, such as storing files or housing equipment. On the contrary, the most successful modern dental clinics strategically and tactically avoid over-saturating the environment with “stuff”, since this can impede employee efficiency, plus it can be an eyesore for patients!

Ultimately, the advice here is simply to keep space utilization top-of-mind when thinking about and planning your modern dental clinic renovation. Both the space you use and the space you do not use should be a deliberate decision, rather something that “just is that way” by default.

  1. Focus on Current and Future Patient Groups 

Many design and style decisions should be less about what you and your team personally like, and more about what your current and future patients groups will find agreeable and impressive.

For example, if you are aiming to boost your patient roster with young families, then shifting towards a more relaxed, fun look and feel may be the right direction. Or, if you are aiming to onboard more executives in search of cosmetic dentistry solutions, then shifting towards a sharper, more sophisticated look and feel may be the way to go.

Essentially, you want to look at your dental clinic through the eyes of your target patients. What do you want them to see, think and feel? The answers will help you make better, smarter design decisions that are based on objective analysis, rather than subjective preference.

Choosing the Right Partner

If you are ready and eager to close the gap between the leading-edge solutions you offer, and the somewhat dated or “old school” look of your dental clinic, then contact the team at Key Interiors today.

We have extensive experience working with dentists and dental practice groups, and understand the balance that must be struck between style and function, and between image and imagination. Contact us today and schedule your complimentary consultation. We will show you what is possible, and help you make informed decisions that achieve your vision and fit your budget!


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