How to Coordinate Staff for Your Office Relocation

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office relocationAs you prepare to shift addresses for your office relocation, you are obviously focusing on issues like layout, space utilization, furniture and finishing procurement, and so on. However, there is another vital piece of the office renovation puzzle that you should not overlook in the midst of your busy planning and decision-making: coordinating your staff!

Below, we highlight 3 ways how you can effectively and efficiently coordinate your staff, so that the office renovation experience is smooth and stress-free for everyone involved:

  1. Identify an Office Renovation Coordinator

Much like the Chair of a committee, this individual will roll messages out to staff regarding the office renovation (including updating the intranet site if this is an option), as well as escalate issues to managers/leaders as appropriate. It is important to choose someone who is well organized, has enough time to dedicate to the task, and has good communication skills.

  1. Involve Employees in Decision-Making

Obviously, there are some office renovation decisions that cannot be left up to employees (i.e. turning the lunchroom into a foosball tournament zone may be a fun idea but, alas, impractical!). However, there are many other decisions that employees can and should have input on, including certain esthetic choices (e.g. colors, shades, materials), as well as layout and design. Involving employees in this way is also a great way to boost morale and get everyone excited about the upcoming changes.

  1. Provide Employees with a Timeline

Give employees a timeline so they know both when the office renovation is scheduled to begin and end, and how it may affect their day-to-day work experience. For example, they may need to temporarily work from home or remote location during the renovation, or they may have to make adjustments (i.e. change their workstation, use different entrance/egress routes, etc.).

  1. If Necessary, Train Employees to Use Remote Working Tools

As noted above, it may be necessary for your staff to work off-site during the office renovation. Even if this is only for a few days, it is important to ensure that they have the remote working tools they need – and just as importantly, how to use them. Indeed, the definition of “user friendly” can vary significantly between employees, with some having little trouble accessing tools like Skype, Google Drive, and other tools, while others needing additional training and support. Be proactive about this and you will ensure that everyone is productive (and not frustrated!) during the office renovation.

Learn More

To learn more about how to coordinate staff for your office renovation, contact the interior solutions specialists at Key Interiors today. We will help you create a plan and timeline that ensures the experience is positive, efficient and successful. Your consultation with us is free.

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