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How to Beautify an Ugly Office

Posted by Tom Johnstone on Jan 29, 2019 10:30:00 AM

ugly officeComing to terms with the limitations of your office can be a difficult thing to do. After all, no business owner wants to admit that their workspace isn’t up to standard or that it’s lacking in anyway. Yet, many offices are indeed somber, messy, cluttered, dated, and/or boring. The silver lining is that it’s possible to beautify an ugly office quickly and efficiently. Here are four options worth exploring today:

Clean House

Regardless of your industry, work is bound to get hectic from time to time. However, your office should never fall into disrepair. Cluttered desks, loose papers, trash, tangled wires, etc. can all contribute to a dysfunctional work environment, which could cost you big time. Not only will a lackluster office hamper employee productivity, but it also makes a horrible first impression on visitors like customers, clients, or prospective employees. Make it a point to keep your team organized and always maintain a sanitary workspace. (Don’t forget about the bathrooms either!)

Bring the Outside In

In many of our previous blog posts, we extol the virtues of natural design elements like sunlight, plant life, aquariums, and high air quality. And we do so because incorporating nature in your layout is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve workspace atmosphere and boost your team’s performance. Just keeping your windows open could drastically enhance your office’s appearance.

Create Meaningful Art

Bare walls and trite, corporate art won’t do much to inspire confidence in visitors to your workspace. Rather than sticking with played-out styles or banal artwork, consider shaking things up by commissioning a mural for your workspace. Alternatively, purchasing new art that resonates with your employees will likely boost morale. It’s always a smart idea to allow your team members to contribute to the decor of your office space. At the end of the day, your design should reflect the hopes, passions, and ambitions of the people who work there.

Refurbish & Renovate

Businesses that ask visitors to spend time in a waiting room need to make sure public areas are properly stocked with amenities and boast comfortable, inviting furniture. It’s important to note that most visitors will take in their surroundings before they speak to one of your team members. So rickety chairs and worn tables can undermine your staff’s best efforts to win a customer over. What’s more, companies that struggle with one or more of the issues outlined above may benefit from simply starting over and opting for a full-scale renovation. Yes, making smart little changes here and there can alter a space’s appearance for the better, but if your office needs significant changes, it’s important to contact a professional ASAP.

Final Thoughts

More than merely inconveniencing your team, an ugly office design can hinder your business’s progress. From employee recruitment to customer retention, how your office looks and feels will affect your operation in meaningful ways. Fortunately, you can always contact the Key Interiors team for help. We have years of experience collaborating with businesses of all varieties, and we know how to deliver office design solutions for real-world problems. Lastly, make sure to check out our free eBook below. Though you may not realize it yet, your workspace could be primed for a renovation!New Call-to-action

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