How Creative Office Space Design Can Spice Up Boring Industries

December 2, 2019

how-creative-office-space-design-can-spice-up-boring-industriesLet’s face it: some industries continue to be perceived as a bit on the boring side. And frankly, this isn’t necessarily a negative thing – at least not entirely.

For example, do we really want companies that manufacturer caskets and funeral urns to have foosball tables in the staff lounge? And is it a good sign (pun intended!) if life insurance companies have 10-foot tall flashing neon signs that blink “Come In, We’re Open”?

However, while many industries are just fine being staid and conventional – and in fact, wouldn’t have it any other way – that doesn’t mean they should cling to the status quo, design-wise. Rather, they should shift towards creative office space design so they can drive innovation, performance, employee engagement, customer service, and bottom-line results.

Below, we highlight 3 key ways that businesses in so-called “boring industries” can (appropriately!) spice things up through creative office design:

1. Improve Lighting & Environmental Systems

Creative office space design can dramatically improve lighting and environmental system efficiency (e.g. heat, air conditioning, air quality, etc.), which significantly drives creativity, and fosters engaged, productive employees. Indeed, poor lighting and unpleasant working conditions are a recipe for disengaged, distracted employees — as well as absenteeism, sick day usage, and losing top talent to the competition.

2. Build Collaborative Spaces

Paradoxically, it’s often businesses that are in “boring industries” that need to encourage the most internal collaboration, because the internet, technology advancements, and changing consumer expectations and preferences is creating significant disruption. The legal field is a prime example of this shift. Creative office space design can build collaborative spaces, trigger new ideas, and help businesses stay on the leading edge – rather than fall behind.

3. Tastefully Modernize

Some executives and decision-makers in “boring industries” are reluctant to modernize their office space design, because they don’t want to risk damaging their brand. However, not every business needs to – or should — emulate Google and Apple. It’s possible to tastefully modernize any office space by changing the walls (or perhaps getting rid of some of them!), refreshing the color scheme, adding more plants, upgrading their furniture, and so on. In other words, businesses can modernize their look, yet retain a classic and conventional feel.

The Bottom Line 

There are many ways that creative office space design can spice up boring industries — and ultimately, create a stronger, more competitive business that achieves above average results, and is a great place to work.

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