How an Open Office Renovation Can Save You Money

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how-an-open-office-renovation-can-save-you-moneyYou may have been mulling over an office renovation for several months, or even several years – but haven’t moved forward because “it’s not yet in the budget”.

However, what you may not realize is that an open office renovation is remarkably affordable, and it’s also much faster to accomplish than a more conventional renovation. Here are the 3 key reasons how an open office renovation can save you money:

1. No Private Offices

Private offices are among the most significant cost drivers of an office renovation, because of the materials and labor involved, plus the need to ensure that each office is appropriately lit, wired (telecommunications, network, etc.), and connected to the HVAC system. And if private offices have windows, then the costs are usually higher.

However, an open office renovation doesn’t require designing and building private offices. Of course, private meeting rooms exist for employees who need it, but these spaces are used as needed/on-demand. As such, there only needs to be a few of them at most; and chances are, you have these rooms in your current layout already. As such, they may just need to be refreshed instead of re-built, which will further reduce your renovation costs.

2. No Cubicles

An open office renovation doesn’t require cubicles, since teams are co-located in collaborative spaces that promote interaction. Aside from causing celebration among your employees – many of whom according to research from the University of Sydney hate cubicles with a passion – not having cubicles as part of your open office renovation will shave tens of thousands of dollars off your total cost.

Indeed, love them or loathe them, cubicles are not inexpensive pieces of office furniture, with prices starting at around $2000 for basic models, and exceeding $10,000 for more high-end models. Plus, delivery and installation are extra.

3. Lower Utility and Energy Bills

Many businesses that have adopted an open office layout are enjoying substantially lower utility and energy bills than before their renovation. This is because eliminating walls allows more natural light to filter in, and it also enhances airflow which makes heating and cooling much more efficient.

An open office renovation may be much more cost effective than you realize – especially since a fresh, modern layout is also a great way to boost employee morale, impress customers, improve productivity, and recruit and retain top talent. All of these outcomes don’t just support your bottom line, but they elevate it to the next level!

To learn more, contact the interior solutions specialists at Key Interiors and take advantage of your free consultation.

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