How an Office Space Plan Sets Up a Redesign for Success

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Office_space_planning_redesign_success.jpgAs noted by, the work environment is rapidly evolving, and that means office design must shift as well. Below, we highlight the key reasons how an office space plan sets up a redesign for success:

Enables Collaboration

A strategic office space plan enables collaboration – both within teams and across cross-functional workgroups and departments – by creating efficient and interactive work areas (e.g. “open office design”).

Supports Privacy and “Heads-Down” Work

Contrary to what some executives believe – and some employees fear — an office space plan that enables collaboration (as noted above) does not have to come at the cost of privacy, or allowing employees to go “heads down” and focus on their work. In fact, if the plan is carefully created, it can achieve both goals instead of one vs. the other.

Supports Efficient Workflows

Office space planning can also support efficiency workflows, which prevents “traffic jams”. This is particularly important with open office design, and in environments where there is a constant movement of people (e.g. medical practices, dental offices, etc.).

Support Mobile Workers

These days, even employees with established offices and workstations are typically mobile, in the sense that as long as they have access to their laptop, tablet or in some cases just their smartphone, they can be productive (e.g. check emails, communicate with customers, submit status updates, etc.). An effective office space plan embraces this “new normal” by giving mobile workers the desk space, USB ports, and outlets they need to be productive and efficient throughout the office – and not just at their assigned seat or office (which they may be in for an hour or so a day!).

Reduces Utility Costs

Another welcome benefit of developing a robust office space plan is that it can lead to higher energy efficiency, which translates into lower utility costs. This also reduces environmental impact and footprint, which is a goal that all organizations should strive to achieve – both because it is the socially responsible thing to do, and because an increasing number of customers are rewarding businesses that demonstrate a commitment to “being green”.

Boosts Brand

It may come as a (welcome) surprise, but an office space plan can also boost brand and image by transforming the environment into one that is more modern and impressive. Indeed, the fulfilment of a well-developed office space plan can help a business showcase that regardless of its past success, that its best days are most certainly ahead!

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