Green Office Renovation: Energy-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

November 26, 2019

green-office-renovation-energy-saving-tips-for-small-businesses.jpgThese days, a growing number of small businesses are ensuring that their office renovation is also a “green office renovation”, so that it does not just improve workflows, aesthetics, customer service and employee morale, but that it ultimately reduces their environmental footprint. There are many smart and inspiring reasons for taking this route, including:

  • As mentioned, reducing environmental footprint and demonstrating leadership in the community.
  • Attracting and impressing ecologically-minded customers, who are increasingly shifting their loyalties towards “green” businesses.
  • Earning points towards LEED (or other) certification.
  • Reducing energy bills, which is always a welcome outcome in an effort to control overhead costs.

Below, we highlight 5 energy-saving tips for small businesses that want to reap the rewards of an impressive and inspiring green office renovation:

  1. Conduct an Energy Audit

An energy audit allows small businesses to identify how and where they are experiencing energy loss and excess consumption. Cost permitting, these improvements can then be integrated into the overall green office renovation plan.

  1. Improve Lighting

Adding or enlarging window(s) to allow for more natural light, or installing energy-efficient LED lights can significantly reduce energy consumption. At the same time, it can create a healthier workplace, as employees get the adequate lighting they need vs. having to squint, strain or avert glare.

  1. Seal Leaks

Leaks around windows and doors are a major source of excess energy usage – and therefore are ideal for targeting as part of a green office renovation. What’s more, these improvements can be made in a manner that also looks stylish and impressive.

  1. Change Door Swing Direction

It may not seem like a major factor when talking about energy waste, but how a door swings does indeed have a cumulative impact. As such, merely changing the direction of how a door swings can lead to measurable energy savings.

  1. Improve Ventilation

Inefficient ventilation leads to excessive energy consumption, as heating systems need to work harder in the winter, and cooling systems need to work harder in the summer. Often, installing ceiling fans can be beneficial, as can implementing a more “open office” layout that does not use many (or any) cubicles, which can block airflow. What’s more, as noted above in the discussion on lighting, improving ventilation will create a healthier work environment – and happier employees!

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At Key Interiors, we have in-depth experience working with small businesses to help them reap ALL of the rewards of a green office renovation — from demonstrating environmental leadership, to measurably lowering their energy costs, and so on. We also advise our clients on choosing eco-friendly materials for their renovation, which further reduces their environmental footprint.

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